Tireless Veterans

Short Name: 

Gives classes that have Combat Veteran category a Tireless Combatant category. That's it.
I wanted to replace combat veteran but decided to keep options open (and do less work myself!).

Swap Evasion/Track

Short Name: 

Moves evasion to technique/field-control and track to cunning/survival.

Archery Tweaks

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Various archery tweaks:
- You now reload by moving or waiting.
- You will reload your other weapon set if your main one is absent or full.
- Reload is now a 10 stamina skill that loads arrows once and takes no time.

This is now included in my Weapons Pack. Don't use both addons at once.

Constitution based stamina, and other stamina buffs

Short Name: 

Constitution boosts max stamina as well as marginally improving stamina and life regen rate (2/turn when Con = 100)

Also Quick Recovery is boosted* to gain 0.75 per stat point rather than 0.5.

  • : For the developers, this is how you "overwrite" an existing talent.
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