Fatigue Fix

Short Name: 

Moves fatigue from light boots to gauntlets.

Prodigy Tweaks

Short Name: 

This is an addon for convenient play-testing of prodigy ideas that I heard from Shibari in in-game stat.

Current changes:
- Flexible Combat now triggers on all melee attacks (attackTargetWith, not just attackTarget) but has its chance reduced to 30%.
- Fast as Lightning is replaced with "Adept", which increases all talent category masteries by 0.5.
- Eye of the Tiger can trigger once per turn per talent type.
- Unbreakable Will's cooldown is reduced from 7 to 5.


This addon uses the ToME:load hook to replace Worldly Knowledge.
This uses the Combat:attackTargetWith hook to fix Flexible Combat.


- Big changes to put things more in line with the 1.6 branch:
- Flexible Combat chance reduced to 30%. Still not a turn proc and still not in attackTargetHitProcs due to problematic elements of 1.5 (staff accuracy bonus).
- The talent mastery prodigy is now called "Adept", replaces Fast as Lightning instead of Worldly Knowledge, and only grants +0.5 mastery instead of +0.7. (Blame Possessor's interaction with it).
- Eye of the Tiger can now trigger once per turn per talent type.
- Unbreakable Will cooldown reduced to 5.
- (Elemental Surge/Endless Woes/Meteoric Crash/Irresistible Sun are not backported due to addon compatibility issues.)

- Fixed Flexible Combat giving an extra chance at an attack (does not affect old savegames)
- Nerfed Flexible Combat chance from 60% to 50% (does not affect old savegames)

- Reduce Worldly Knowledge from 1.0 to 0.7 mastery (so that most class categories get to 2.00 instead of 2.30)

- Initial release

Weight: 289345

Daze Tweak

Short Name: 

This addon will add a low-end threshold to damage values which will break the Daze effect equal to 5 + actor-level/2. This should prevent minor sources of damage from disrupting the effect, with the intent of improving the effectiveness of the status.

Credit to ghostbuster for the idea and suggesting the scaling for the threshold.

Bone Shield Tweak

Short Name: 

This addon modifies Bone Shield to add a low damage threshold which will prevent charges from being expended on minor damage.

Shoot Tweak

Short Name: 

This addon will cause all actors to generate with the 'Shoot' talent. Useful for Adventurers in particular.

Class Start Priority

Short Name: 

Edits class birth descriptions to ignore the lore-based race checks when assigning the starting zone. Any race that is not flagged with a no-start-override (i.e. all standard races aside from undead) will now be able to begin in class-based starting areas, such as those for Archmages and Chronomancers.

Notably, this should allow most addon races to access these starting areas.

Improved SoA, Fortress Flight, and Sher'Tul race

Short Name: 

Makes the Staff of Awakening sentient and lets it upgrade itself with the power of absorbed bosses. Planning to add additional sentient weapons.

Also adds a quest to make the Sher'Tul fortress fly again and a Sher'Tul race. Both are currently beta. Flight is mostly working, but trying to land on planets other than Eyal may cause glitches. The race is mostly operation, but the final talent may cease to work for reasons unknown and the graphics aren't very good because I have no skill with GIMP.

Item Vault Tweak

Short Name: 

No level/plot limits on the item vault. Warning: I have no idea how quests will react to vaulting key items.

Arcanum Tweak

Short Name: 

Arcanum classes with spells/force use spells/aegis instead.

Slow Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweaks the 'Slow' effect such that when a new slow is applied to a target already afflicted with a slow, the new slow will no longer outright replace the old effect. Instead, the highest power effect will take priority. If the new effect is stronger, it will replace the old effect. Otherwise, it will be ignored.

This is primarily intended to resolve the issues caused by equipping multiple pieces of gear with on-hit slows. Due to the way Slow normally works, only the last effect applied will have any impact on the target. The result is that equipping more pieces of gear with on-hit slow can detrimentally impact your ability to slow enemies, which is counter-intuitive and less than ideal

This refers specifically to the effect 'Slow', which reduces global speed. Other effects which influence speed, global or otherwise, are not affected by this addon.

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