Parasite Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweaks the Parasite resurrection to modify the current player doll (equip slot loadout) instead of switching to a fixed doll, making it play nicer with other doll modifications (such as from the excellent Weaver class addon).

Wanderer Start Tweak

Short Name: 

With this addon, Wanderers will not learn talent types with a minimum level greater than their current level (i.e. they will not learn high level trees before level 10).
If a tree is selected that you are not high enough level to utilize, it will be returned to the list in a random position and the learner function will move on to the next tree to attempt to learn.

Compatability note: overwrites getBirthDescriptor("subclass", "Wanderer").copy.randventurerLearn in an unfriendly manner. Likely not compatible with other addons that alter the manner in which Wanderers learn talent categories.

Command Staff Tweak

Short Name: 

 Alters the Command Staff talent effect. 

When you command a staff, it will change the attack damage type of the staff along with the damage increase type causing melee attacks made with the staff to be dealt as the chosen damage type.

Fine Tune Mindstars

Short Name: 

Alters the Attune Mindstars talent effect.

This addon will alter Attune Mindstars to allow you to choose any basic damage type (physical, arcane, fire, cold, nature, blight, mind, temporal, light, darkness, acid, lightning) for your mindstars damage type. Mindstars that do not teach Attune Mindstar (i.e. fixedart mindstars) will not be affected. Additionally, Attune Mindstars will also affect any telekinetically-wielded mindstars.

Diagonal Digging Denied

Short Name: 

Makes digging diagonal/checkerboard tunnels impossible through most means.
If a tile is dug out, and there is an open tile diagonal to it that can ONLY be accessed diagonally, one of the two orthogonal walls shared by the tiles in question will automatically also be dug out if possible.
This will make it more difficult to force 1v1 encounters with enemies by digging checkerboard tunnels to minimise field of view.

Should be compatible with most addons, but may not affect digging methods introduced in said addons.

Accurate Weapon Damage

Short Name: 

Makes the stats displayed when viewing a weapon's name more accurately reflect the damage it would deal if you were to wield it. Should not have any major compatibility issues with other addons.

Turn Tempo

Short Name: 

Adds a brief delay in between actors' turns whenever you are in combat and there are more than 2 actors visible, hopefully making large fights easier to follow. VFX are added to highlight actors as they move, and to highlight the player when it is their turn.
Pressing or holding any key will skip the delay and progress straight to the player's next turn (unless you die). Shift is convenient for this, as it does nothing on its own.

This addon hard-overwrites the code for progressing the game's turns; as such, I cannot guarantee stability, nor compatibility with other addons that interact with how turns play out.

Reroll and Merchant

Short Name: 

The Taels of Maj'Eyal (ToME) Addon: It allows to select both a merchant and item reroll.

Mr Frog VFX Pack

Short Name: 

Replaces a number of visual effects with (hopefully) nicer versions. Shader support recommended. Overwrites some talent code in a minimally-invasive manner.

Necro NegLife+

Short Name: 

Makes a couple of tweaks to Necromancer to make it less prone to accumulating disproportionate amounts of positive life, thus helping its 0-life threshold gimmicks retain relevance:

Blurred Mortality now converts half of your maximum life bonus from Constitution to negative death threshold, retroactively. This is a relatively minor change, but it will at least stop Constitution from giving a greater proportion of positive life to negative life per point at high levels.

Lichform will convert half of the maximum life you gain from levelling up after transforming to negative death threshold (non-retroactively). Instead of drastically increasing the proportion of positive life to negative life to the point where the latter is practically dwarfed and never encountered outside of extreme situations, Lichform will now cause you to break perfectly even, and in most cases will in fact slow the rate at which you gain positive life. (Credit to GlassGo on the forums for suggesting this behaviour!)

These tweaks will likely cause some level of disruption to Necromancer's power balancing, so any feedback given on the forums towards further polishing would be appreciated. Enjoy!

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