Staff Bonk Sound

Short Name: 

Adds a wooden bonk sound to all melee hits from a staff.

Initial release

More 1H Staves

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Adds more 1H staves with more variety to the game.

1H staves are so hard to find because in the base game there are only 2 egos that make a staff 1H.
This addon adds more 1H staff egos that are based on some of the existing 2H staff egos, but with some of the bonuses toned down.
Also slightly expands the number of staves available in staff stores to account for the wider variety.

- v1.0.0 Initial release
- v1.0.1 Changed the new 1H staves proc bonus from 2.5 (which is normal for 2H staves) to 1.2 (which is normal for 1H staves).
- v1.0.2 Took a few egos out because when the higher level/rarity staves are created they randomly get egos and if any ego is a 1H then the staff is 1H, meaning that too many of the higher level/rarity staves were 1H. Fewer 1H egos means lower chances of a 1H ego so it should be more balanced now.

Pro Staff Combat

Short Name: 

Changes staff mastery to add Dex scaling to staves. Warning: this addon overloads Spell/Staff Combat.

High Guard

Short Name: 

Adds the High Guard, a mage subclass. The High Guard is a melee fighter with mid-range spells who can wield any staff in one hand and favors shields in the offhand.
Primary stats are Magic and Strength. All talents are spells and use only mana. Attacks with both staff and shield, with nearly all attacks (save for bumps) dealing the damage type your staff is currently alinged to.

Unique Talents:

Talents for fighting and defending with your staff and shield.

Spell/Magical Assualt
Talents for assualting your foes.

Talents for battle mobility and defense.

Spell/Battle Channeling
Talents for combat utility.

Spell/Sorcerous Might (high level)
Store power in your shield to empower yourself.

Spell/Mage Adept (high level)
Gain greater control of magic and learn damaging spells.

Spell/Medic (generic)
Defense and utility.

Base Talents:

Technique/Combat Training (1.3)
Spell/Staff Combat (1.3)
Cunning/Survival (1.0)

See the forum thread full talent details.

Talent icons from
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Staff Infusion

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Modifies the Command Staff talent, allowing you to link your staff's damage element to your currently active alchemy infusion.

Revised Short Staves

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Mindstar and Staff Combat Access

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I was irked that Mindslayers need to burn a good chunk of cash to open Mindstar Training, which seems like a Talent track they should have open out of the gate. Same with staff-using mages and Staff Combat. So I figured out how to fix it and did!
I superloaded the individual class LUAs to manage this, after copying in Staff Combat or Mindstar Mastery into their Talent sections.

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