Umbral Incantor Evolution for Shadowblade

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Adds a new evolution for Shadowblades, the Umbral Incantor.

As an Umbral Incantor, the Shadowblade will regenerate 1 mana per turn and gain several bonuses to their talents if they are equipped with a staff:

- Shadow Combat: the damage will also be triggered when you cast Channel Staff, and when triggered this way can be a spell critical
- Shadowstep: teleport back to starting location after the attack
- lluminate: will use Shadow Dance without cost or triggering cooldown
- Invisibility: will be cast instantly without cost when Stealth is deactivated (still triggers cooldown)
- Shadow Grasp: will pin for 3 turns instead of pulling
- Shadow Veil: rather than blink and attack, you will cast Shadow Grasp on targets selected (without cost and ignoring cooldown and failure chances)
- Lethality: staffs gain a Dexterity damage modifier equal to twice the crit bonus
- Expose Weakness: (if not on cooldown) will be used instantly when casting Shadowstep (before the return teleport), using stamina as usual and going on cooldown for twice the usual duration
- Blade Flurry: (while sustained) also gain spell cooldown reduction equal to the attack speed bonus and an equal chance on spell hit to cast Channel Staff
- Snap: also affect an equal number of spells ("spell/" category talents)

Class: blackguard

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Gloom Blade undead race

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Adds a new undead race:

Weight: 134953
Wip add-on, everything works as of now but I want to re-write some of the code and rebalance it. Always open for feedback!
Meet the gloomblades, a tainted race of undead with an affinity for darkness. With stat boosts to str and cunning.
My first add-on, so Rip it apart! Let me know what sucks and what could be better! :)


Dr root,
Deathknight class addon,
Qlass pack
Dark god

And all the other wonderful people on the Tome4 Discord!

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from http://game-icons.net/ and licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Class icons are from https://opengameart.org/content/painterly-spell-icons-part-4 and https://opengameart.org/content/11-planet-sci-fi-set .

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1.0.0 - Release

Doomed Darkvision Fix

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NOTE: As of ToME version 1.7.3, this fix has been incorporated into the base game, and so should be deactivated/uninstalled.

Tweaks LOS code for both NPCs and the player to properly and consistently respect Dark Vision when determining whether Creeping Darkness blocks sight.

Targeting and projection now properly treat Creeping Darkness as transparent if you have Dark Vision, just like any other tile that can be seen through, eliminating awkward behavior when targeting diagonally and/or around corners. If you do not have Dark Vision, these tiles will be treated as opaque. Additionally, NPCs will properly be able to see and target through their own creeping darkness without hindrance. Similar effects to Creeping Darkness such as Cursed Miasma should also be corrected by this addon.

This addon hard-overwrites engine and module functions. As such, I cannot fully guarantee compatibility or stability.

A Little Darkness for Demonologists

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This addon is meant to make demon seed and demon blade deal at least
partially darkness damage, to improve synergy with Doom Covenant

Doomed/Darkness Tweaks

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Dark Priest

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Adds the Dark Priest, a mage subclass.

Even in an age of supposed prosperity, there are many who lose their lives in vain. Those who tend the wounded, returned home from battle or adventure, are highly skilled in the arts of healing, many using arcane techniques. But there are some who have seen too much. They have formed a brotherhood of those who have accepted the Dark Truth. Eyal has but one true God, and He demands sacrifices. The Dark Priest and his brethren tap into arcane energies to deliver the bad word unto all the people of Maj'Eyal. They manipulate darkness and life energy to convey their message of doom and despair. When that doesn't work, carrying a big stick helps, too.

Dark Priests use Magic and Cunning as their primary stats. They focus on Darkness and Arcane spells, and are proficient in staff combat, as well. They also have command of a unique kind of magic, Unhealing. Unhealing is negative healing and such functions differently than damage. It will not be affected by any type of damage mitigation and will be increased by the target's healing modifier.
(full descriptions in the forum: http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=45460 )

Lunar Cultist

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Adds a new Afflicted Subclass proficient in the Cursed Talent Trees Darkness, Force of Will, Gloom, Cursed Form and Dark Sustenance and the Corruption Talent Trees Vim, Doom Covenant, Black Magic and Curses. They also possess the Cunning Talent Trees Stealth and Survival. This Addon requires ASHES OF URH'ROK to be enabled in the Addons Menu. THIS ADDON DOESN'T GRANT YOU ANY FILE FROM ASHES OF URH'ROK! It's only a Subclass.

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