Gloom Blade undead race

Gloom Blade undead race

Adds a new undead race:

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Wip add-on, everything works as of now but I want to re-write some of the code and rebalance it. Always open for feedback!
Meet the gloomblades, a tainted race of undead with an affinity for darkness. With stat boosts to str and cunning.
My first add-on, so Rip it apart! Let me know what sucks and what could be better! :)


Dr root,
Deathknight class addon,
Qlass pack
Dark god

And all the other wonderful people on the Tome4 Discord!

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from and licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Class icons are from and .

Sounds: CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC BY-NC 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0


1.0.0 - Release

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Gloomblade 1.7.4 2023-04-15 23:38