Corrupted Blood of Life

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This allows you to corrupt your blood of life to grant a vile life unlock. Especially good for your nature-averse friends.

This mod is not ready yet.

Monster Class Addon

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Stat stacking gimmick test. Undead race locked unarmed magic/psychic/steamtech. Completely unbalanced, and somewhat lacking toolkit for defense/utility.

Race: Banshee

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Adds Banshees as a new type of undead that harrow enemies with their sorrowful voices.

Silence and confuse enemies.
Drift through walls.
Cut away healing.

Banshees begin in a small starting zone of their own.

Banshees are unlocked if you have unlocked any other undead.

Class Start Priority - Undead Version

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A variant of Keevan's Class Start Priority addon, modfied with great incompetence by Parcae to allow Undead to access Ashes of Uhr'rok starting zones.

Intrinsic Deception - No Cloak Required

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UPDATE 1.0.2: Fixed issue with escorts not appearing. Fix applies to new characters only.

ADDON DETAILS: Fork of kvaak's Uncloak of Inconvenience Addon, so only the faction gets changed to Allied Kingdoms, and the rest of the data (including starting inscriptions) is left unchanged. This enables Undead Tinkers in Maj'Eyal campaign to have the correct starting inscriptions.

There is now no Cloak of Deception, existing or needed. Use this instead of the Uncloak of Inconvenience addon.

Version 1.0.1 also makes sure that new undead characters are addressed as human by the NPCs that address you by race. With this addon active, all new characters that have the undead attribute will be addressed as human, even Whitehooves from Embers Races in Maj'Eyal Campaign addon: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/orcsallraces

BASE GAME AND ADDON NOTE: I have discovered that because the check in the default 1.5.5 ToME game for Zigur patrols and betraying to Zigur doesn't check whether the player is undead, that Undead Tinkers start friendly to Zigur and can betray to Zigur until they get some spells or runes. However, the appearance of the Zigur town IS dependent on not being undead, so it is not possible to become anti-magic. Also, undead in Maj'Eyal campaign properly can't use infusions or nature powers, so that part is working as intended.

So this addon is fine, it's just that the base 1.5.5 game currently doesn't make Zigur hostile and betraying to Zigur impossible merely because you're undead (read: have arcane aura that can be detected by Zigur). It requires you to have spells or runes, which Undead non-tinkers have, but Undead Tinkers only have neutral Steamtech implants or generators.

To properly play an Undead Tinker in Maj'Eyal campaign (with or without addons, as this is the same even with only official game and DLC), I suggest that you do not betray to Zigur and don't use arcane disrupting gear (which should disrupt the normal actions of an undead, but doesn't currently in 1.5.5).

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

These game files are OVERLOADED (replaced with an edited version when the addon is running):

So any mod that doesn't touch these overloaded files should be compatible.

This function is SUPERLOADED to insert the fake_race and fake_subrace properties (which shouldn't affect anything else apart from making NPCs address you as human):

A 'ToME:load' HOOK applies the faction change for the undead player to Allied Kingdoms.

Playable Rat Lich Race

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Adds a playable rat lich race based in part on the rat lich boss. Created since people on tome irc though it would be interesting to play as a rat lich :P.

Playable Wight Race

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Adds High Wights as a playable race: tough, psionic undead who arise naturally yet stand outside the natural order. Models by Rexorcorum.

Abomination Race

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Adds the undead abomination race.

Abominations are the hideous result of callous necromancers fusing several dead bodies or loose appendages into one single being. They can augment themselves by assimilating more body parts to their being, even in the heat of battle. Abominations may grow considerably in size after being created and while such extra size may benefit them, growing too large slows them down.

Their multitude of body parts makes them hardy and difficult to stun and their multitude of heads make their vision difficult to impair, however the vast amount of minds combined can make them more susceptible to confusion effects

They have access to special abomination talents, that improve as they grow in size and constitution.

Playable Mummy Race

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Adds Mummies as a new type of undead that cripple their enemies and overcome any obstacle.
They start out weak to fire, but quickly overcome that.

Embalming increases Strength and Willpower
Entangle wraps up an enemy, slowing them, with a low cooldown.
Inevitability wears away at the resistances of your enemies as your own resistances mount.
Uniquely, they have a small secondary racial tree that removes detrimental effects.

Mummies begin in their own starter zone, a low-level dungeon reminiscent of both the Blighted Scar and the Elven Ruins.

Mummies are initially locked, and unlock in a fairly obvious way.

1.3.0 Unlock condition added
-- Fixed typos
-- Only mummies skip to the bottom of the pyramid upon entry (since they had to fight their way up in the first place), other races begin at the top.
-- Guardian Golem nerfed, on higher difficulties giving him a fire attack and you fire-weakness was too harsh.

1.1.0 New Starter Zone
-- New zone exists and is functional, but somewhat unpolished. Be sure you kill the boss on the way out.

1.0.3 Fix for Resists and Defilers
-- Canopic - Breath no longer generates vim and requires level 12
-- fire resistance works on raw talent level (caps out at neutral 50%)
-- final racial talent renamed (too similar to brawler synergy generic)

Race for burning things

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I just want to try out ritch flamespit gatling guns why is this so much to ask.

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