Tentacle Gnomes

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An update to dao's "Let there be gnomes" to account for the addition of demented talents in Forbidden Cults.

Also adds compatibility with Mr Frog's Faetouched (faerie) and HousePet's Verdant (wild-curse).

Demented talents can be learned from Depravity and Corruption, faerie talents from the Supernatural, and wild-curse talents from Mind and Nature.

Right now, the categories show up as options regardless of which DLC/addons you have. A more elegant coder could have avoided this, but as this does not cause any errors, explosions, or horrors, I'd say it's good enough for me.

I am also considering allowing Gnomes to learn Stone Warden talents, once I figure out how to do that.

Deathknight Compatibility Patch

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Fixes compatibility issues between Deathknight and other addons.
(This is only a patch, it requires the original Deathknight addon to work :

Fixed conflict with Frost Invoker's frost tree. (
Fixed various talent names conflicts with Dread Necromancer (

Wyrmic Compatibility

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Makes the Revamped Wyrmic a separate class from the normal wyrmic
Needs Recaiden's Revamped Wyrmic :

Also adds the gem slot to adventurers and races that have their own equipment slots (provided they load before Revamped Wyrmic)

Vampire Compatibility

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Solves an incompatibility between those two addons :
Eoland's Vampire Race :
Inferno Race Pack :

The two vampire races can now be selected separately.
Eoland's is Undead/vampire, Inferno's is Vampire/Vampire.

Necromancy Compatibility

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Sneaks in after Necromancy+, Eternal Darkness and Deathknight are done and makes all their stuff coexist. Probably makes Necromancers OP.

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