Phantom Warrior Class

Phantom Warrior Class

Introduce Phantom Warrior, a two-handed chronomancy class.
Different from other chronomancers who are adept at traveling along the timeline, Phantom Warriors enhance their craft in manipulating the space of the battlefield. Each strike of their hefty two-handed weapon has a chance of breaking the stability of surrounding aether, creating inferior phantoms of themselves that last only for a short while. In order to thrive in combat, Phantom Warriors need to manage their phantoms wisely along with other resources.
In order to thrive in combat, a Phantom Warrior needs to manage their phantoms wisely along with other resources.

Class trees:
- Chronomancy/Phantom: foundational tree of this class, some status cleansing, and paradox management
- Chronomancy/Transcendental Combat: ways to generate phantoms and fighting at range
- Chronomancy/Time Wounds: talents working around a single strong debuff that can be stacked many times
- Chronomancy/Timeless Warrior: stamina management, some good offense/defense sustains, and one panic button
- (locked) Chronomancy/Sigils: map effects like Celestial/Circles to buff phantoms and debuff foes
- (locked) Chronomancy/Mirror: everything reflection
- (locked) Chronomancy/Synchronization: managing phantoms
plus two old trees:
- Chronomancy/Spacetime Folding
- (locked) Chronomancy/Matter

Generic trees:
- Technique/Combat Training
- Chronomancy/Chronomancy
- Chronomancy/Spacetime Weaving
- (locked) Chronomancy/Fate Weaving
- (locked) Cunning/Survival

Known problems:
- The size of the save file tends to grow quite large by late game. It appears to be caused by some reference counting issues plus the fact that inventories are cloned. Dead/expired phantoms still show up as party members even though they shouldn't be. Please let me know if anyone has ideas about how to work around this issue.

This class is originally inspired by Phantom Lancer from Dota 2.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Что делать чтоб класс фантома появился? у меня нету(


Что делать чтоб класс фантома появился? у меня нету(

v1.0+sigils: 'divide' has a

v1.0+sigils: 'divide' has a bug: when doppelganger is active but the clones go beyond the limit (thus locking the talent from being used), a clone(s) is summoned without the skill going on cd.

Thanks for reporting it. It

Thanks for reporting it. It should now be fixed

Initial Feedback

So, I've tried this class for a bit. Haven't played much of a regular game yet, instead I've just mostly put it through my regular "can I break this, and if yes, how" routine.
Results and general feedback:
- Why is Bull's Will a sustain, but Afraid of Time a passive? It feels like this should be the other way around.
- If you are using a steamsaw, your phantoms can't really do anything due to not having a steam pool.
- Adept + a mastery amulet for Mirror with 0.26 mastery or higher (might be 0.21 or higher, not sure) will reduce the cooldown of Quantum Deflection to 0.
- If you use Hidden Resources or Highborn's Bloom, you can dodge one of the main two drawbacks of Eschaton, gaining 1000+% global speed with the only downside of temporarily losing access to phantoms.
- Is there a reason why Afraid of Time has no stack cap?

Class looks great otherwise!


I appreciate the very constructive feedback!

- I changed Bull's will to be a passive, and Afraid of Time to be a sustain (with low paradox cost).
- I made Quantum Deflection to have CD at least 2. Its CD is slightly reduced for the main character, but doubled for the phantoms.
- My impression is steamsaws are mostly one-handed which don't fit the theme of the class. It will also involve DLC dependency which I'm not entirely sure how to make compatible for all versions.
- Eschaton is slightly nerfed. In particular, Hidden Resources and T4 of Higher racial will not longer work.
- Afraid of Time is designed to have no stack cap. I could set something like 30, but in my test playthroughs enemies are usually dead before getting >=20 stacks.

I also switched the order of talents so that one can have the beam talent at lvl 1, to make the early game less sufferable.


I'm enjoying PW a lot.
Also, Since before I rolled a phantom myself, I had the addon unlocked for ~~20h of gameplay. Many times encountered rares/randboses with its class/talents; all perished without much retailiation, with a resemblance to a boss-rankd mold or a mouse. No clone ever sighted, nor its big dmg! Might be a good idea to blocking the enemies from rollings PW categories until its fixed.

Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I changed a flag so that PW should no longer spawn on rand bosses.

Exotic Weapons?

First I want to say that I think this is a really neat addon, and I appreciate you making it. I was wondering if it would be possible to allow phantoms to inherit Exotic Weapons Mastery too. I wanted to play the class using tridents to get closer to the Phantom Lancer feel, but it doesn't seem the phantoms can benefit from the mastery.

Good suggestion - added

Good suggestion - added exotic weapons mastery and staff mastery as inheritable talents.

Nice Class!

Played a bit of this yesterday, it's really quite fun. Haven't gotten very far into the run yet, but so far no lua errors or any other obvious bugs. Managing your phantoms creates some nice positioning play and adds a nice layer of complexity to the class. Feels perhaps a bit strong, but I'm not sure how much of that is your class and how much is just the Chronomancer generic trees.

Great work!


Glad you liked it! I was dreading there will be a lot of Lua errors due to creating clones (and creating an addon for the first time). I've run into plenty when I was creating and testing the class myself but they might have been fixed along the way.

The class was designed to be quite strong on Insane, but it may start by being a bit weak. When I tried it, it seems to struggle in some of the T2 when the phantoms got cleared by AOEs, but once the gears are more online and the phantom's HP and resistance become significant the class seems to steamroll most of the late-game dungeons.