Tentacle Gnomes

Tentacle Gnomes

An update to dao's "Let there be gnomes" to account for the addition of demented talents in Forbidden Cults.

Also adds compatibility with Mr Frog's Faetouched (faerie) and HousePet's Verdant (wild-curse).

Demented talents can be learned from Depravity and Corruption, faerie talents from the Supernatural, and wild-curse talents from Mind and Nature.

Right now, the categories show up as options regardless of which DLC/addons you have. A more elegant coder could have avoided this, but as this does not cause any errors, explosions, or horrors, I'd say it's good enough for me.

I am also considering allowing Gnomes to learn Stone Warden talents, once I figure out how to do that.


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forgot steamtech existed lol 1.7.2 2022-11-15 18:56
gnomes: now with 100% more tentacles 1.7.2 2022-11-15 02:32