Faetouched Collection

Faetouched Collection

In the realm of Titania, the Midsummer Queen, there live the Faeries, mystical beings as graceful as they are fickle. Drama and mayhem spring forth wherever they walk, and those whose lives they touch are forever changed, their fates intertwined with that of the mysterious Faesong. Luminously-beautiful and deadly, those who learn to ride its mercurial ebbs and flows shall wield power far beyond mortal magic.

New paths opened by the Fae currently include:

Charmed (class): Ordinary creatures drawn haplessly into the faeries' mischief. Adapt to their capricious will and unleash havoc upon the battlefield in a chaotic flash of mist-woven steel!

Wood Sprite (race): Eyal-born faeries of wood and wind, mischievous and mobile. Unburdened by heavy armour, fly circles around your witless adversaries before sending them peacefully to their graves in a gentle Midsummer Dream!

Additionally includes a new starting scenario with original art, music, and dialogue. Further content updates planned -- the realm of the Fae is ever-shifting!

Look not with your eyes, adventurer. The beauty you see hides terror beyond reckoning.

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Capricious Chaos! 1.7.0 2021-04-24 21:21
plopp 1.7.0 2021-04-11 05:16
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Faetouched Collection 1.7.0 2021-04-09 08:39


Did you plan for undead Charmed to be possible? If so, you probably should make it so that Titania starting zone/quest overrrides the undead one?

It should be fine in the

It should be fine in the undead start. The only real difference is you don't get the Fae Choker which you're intended to switch out for something more reliable anyway.

You could do the same thing

You could do the same thing you did for Wood sprite chronomancers, add the quest "The Queen's Fancy" and the area after they finish their starting zone.

Edit :
Looking at your code and the fact that you start on floor 3 I have a feeling this wasn't intentional.
Might cause issues with Demonologist/Doombringer.

more interesting

It's just that Titannia's zone is more interesting to play than undead starting one. At least for now. ;)

Queen's whim and staves

So, after losing my character stupidly against a Zigur patrol, I made another (also short lived) and used a staff of illumination.
One small annoyance I encountered when using a staff is that queen's whim constantly selects command staff (especially early game when you dont have many actives) and you have to select an element or it doesn't activate.

I haven't actually tested it but by that logic if you have "Create Tinkers" it would force you to actually craft something to get the bonus effects when it's selected, effectively cripling your character at low levels.

You should probably blacklist those two talents from being selected by queen's whim, it would make playing the class smoother.


Then probably also the mindstar's select element, Dig and probably mirrror. Maybe also Rod of Recall.

Didn't have any problem with

Didn't have any problem with dig while playing.
Mirror and rod of recall are not active talents but item effects, so no problem either.

Command staff is a weird case because instead of being linked to the staff itself, it's learnt when you equip a staff and unlearnt when you unequip it. Attune mindstar should be similar.

Also, now that I think about it, those two are kinda buggy and sometimes (even without addons) the data they use get corrupted or something and you can no longer use them on the character without a crash.

This is in my notes for the

This is in my notes for the next release (in one froggo time unit, heehee). Attune Mindstar and Command Staff will be banned from Queen's Whim, along with swapping medical injectors. Dig already is disallowed due to not having a cooldown :) I don't want to hard-ban too many talents but making an entire weapon type unplayable is just sad.


Funny though probably OP. During the test run the only time I died was froom the reflection rune on the troll hedge mage - who couldn't do anythinng otherwise. Both Bill and Sawtree wwere the breeze. Some miscasts like the chicken invasion were hilarious. The class would probably work best with staves, though thematically I'd think there should be some possibility for double-blades. Didn't like the pudgy fairy graphics. Thanks for the good work otherwise. I'll post if I get any other noteworthy observationns on this.

The charmed is a very bizarre

The charmed is a very bizarre and chaotic class. A bit confusing but fun to play.
It's always nice to see addons with entierly new mechanics.

The Wood Sprite seem very good at hit and run tactics with their wing talent and ranged classes.
Nearly tripling your movement speed at talent level 5 changes the gameplay a lot.
(Might be a bit OP but it's not global speed and sprites are quite frail. Honestly I'm not good enough at this game to properly talk about balance.)

BTW, when trying to make a Wood Sprite in the orc campaign, it tries to load files from the Barachi race and crashes the game.

Thanks for the kind words! I

Thanks for the kind words! I fixed the bug with wood sprites in EoR. Thanks for the report!