Faetouched Collection v1.3.0

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In the realm of Titania, the Midsummer Queen, there live the Faeries, mystical beings as graceful as they are fickle. Drama and mayhem spring forth wherever they walk, and those whose lives they touch are forever changed, their fates intertwined with that of the mysterious Faesong. Luminously-beautiful and deadly, those who learn to ride its mercurial ebbs and flows shall wield power far beyond mortal magic.

New paths opened by the Fae currently include:

Charmed (class): Ordinary creatures drawn haplessly into the faeries' mischief. Adapt to their capricious will and unleash havoc upon the battlefield in a chaotic flash of mist-woven steel!

Wood Sprite (race): Eyal-born faeries of wood and wind, mischievous and mobile. Unburdened by heavy armour, fly circles around your witless adversaries before sending them peacefully to their graves in a gentle Midsummer Dream!

Moonchild (class): Unfortunate souls infused with the faeries' magic from birth, bent by its will as they bend it to theirs. Shattered between Spring's slothful light and Autumn's merciless chill, find peace within your broken halves to dominate any who oppose you with peerlessly destructive and illusive magic!

Fetch (race): Wretched imitations of mortals created by and for the faeries' fancy, forever yearning to be whole. Shatter your body and soul to shift your identity and avoid danger, and mimic the talents of others to make yourself at last complete!

Additionally includes a new starting scenario with original art, music, and dialogue, 7 new artifacts, 6 new enemy mobs, and an unlockable Fae-Drake category for Wyrmic. The realm of the Fae is ever-changing, and new paths may yet open in the future!

Look not with your eyes, adventurer. The beauty you see hides terror beyond reckoning.

Faerie Race Temp Fix

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Adds in a playable Faerie Race.

Faerie Race

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This addon adds in a Faerie, or Fey, race into ToME. This addon was originally created by Kaballah, but he hasn't been online in over a year.
Instead of letting it die (I mean, how could we not be able to play as a Faerie?) I decided to fork it over into a playable form.
I've taken it, modified it's values, and changed it's 4th talent.
You can nab it here.


The Fey are an incredibly quick and agile race, however they are incredibly fragile.
You will have to make use of their blinding speed to survive encounters.
If you find yourself in trouble, you can spray some Fey Dust onto nearby enemies while you escape.

Fey stats:
-2 Strength, -5 Constitution, +3 Dexterity, +3 Cunning, +6 Luck,
Life per level: 7
Experience bonus: 5%

Fey skills:

--The Fey are capable of flight.
--Avoid certain traps
--Grants bonus Movespeed and Defense, that scales with Dexterity or Magic
--Effect grows if health is low
--Pretty magical wings

-Fey Luck
--The Fey are naturally lucky, and this aids them in many ways.
--Grants Luck and Saves
--If you take more than 10% of your life in damage, some of the damage is nullified, and you gain a shield of equal value.
--Scales with Luck
--Effect grows if health is low

-Fey Speed
--The Fey are always fleet-footed, and are ready to split upon a moment's notice
--Grants bonus Global Speed that scales with Dexterity or Magic
--Effect grows if health is low when activated
--Removes all Pinning effects

-Fey Dust
--The Fey's Dust, while pretty, turns out to not feel good when thrown into eyes
--Sprays a cone of Fey Dust, which deals damage that scales with Dexterity or Magic
--The spray also knocks back and blinds enemies hit
--It can also stun or confuse, if used at low health


Dark Faeries are Faeries that have given up much of their natural agility and defense in exchange for bonus offensive potency.
They are extremely frail, even more so than their more agile counterparts, but make up for it with faster offense, higher damage, and many different tricks.
Despite all thoughts otherwise, they are still, mostly, a playful bunch to be around, if not a bit more painful in their method of invitation.

Dark Fey stats:
-3 Strength, -7 Constitution, +3 Dexterity, +3 Magic, +1 Cunning, +6 Luck,
Life per level: 5
Experience penalty: 5%

Dark Fey skills:

-Powers of the Dark
--The Dark Fey have sacrificed their Flight for additional offensive potency.
--Grants bonus Cast Speed and Combat Speed, that scales with Dexterity or Magic
--Grants bonus Damage that scales with Luck and Character Level
--Effect grows if health is low

-Fey Clone
--The Dark Fey have given up some of their natural luckiness, but not all.
--Grants Luck and Saves
--Upon dealing damage, you summon a clone of yourself for a few turns.
--Has your entire talent list, deals 50% damage, and has 10% of your max life.

-Vision of the Shadows
--The Dark Faerie has lost it's ability to flee, and has been forced to find other methods of survival, in the form of dark magics.
--This talent shows all enemies within a moderate to large radius around yourself.
--Calls forth 3 shadows onto nearby enemies that are in sight.
--Shadows are extremely weak, but make for decent body-blockers.
--Vision Radius, Vision Duration, and Number of Shadow Targets increases with talent level.

-Feyd to Black
--Call forth the powers of darkness to overflow the battlefield, affecting all Actors in sight range.
--Increase all allies life by a percent of their Max Life. (Including yourself.)
--Decreases all foes life by a percent of their Max Life.
--Blind all foes, even those who cannot normally be blinded.
--This effect's power increases as your life decreases.
--This talent does not proc healing effects, and cannot lower enemies below 10% of their max health.

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