Let there be gnomes

Let there be gnomes

Let there be Gnomes!


1. New subrace: Gnomes (included: own starter-zone and quest)

2. Additional zones and quests:
a) Midlevel zone & quest (15-20): starts near Last Hope, related zone has to be found on the worldmap
b) Highlevel zone (35-50): a hidden zone, that can't be entered by normal means / a quest starts inside, on the 2nd level

About Gnomes:

Gnomes are distant relatives of Halflings, albeit a tad smaller in stature and much weaker physique. In the world of Maj_Eyal, not much is known about them for simple reasons: they usually don't leave home to go on adventures, much less to take part in heroic endeavours. People commonly mistake Gnomes for extraordinary small and malformed Halflings, even if that is far from being the truth. The existence of Gnomes as a proper subspecies has passed history unnoticed for centuries, while they lived peacefully, silent and hidden within Halfling society, dedicating their lives to the study of the physical, magical and historical dimensions of Maj'Eyal.

In theory, however, gnomes make great adventurers. While they lack any of those physical attributes, that are commonly associated with a lifestyle dedicated to performing heroic deeds, they got the ability to gain advanced knowledge about almost anything related to skillful adventuring. They start their career with two instead of just one racial talent trees and are able to learn new talent types not available to their choosen class. As a result, they make for very flexible game play, but they are challenged by a low life-rating.

--- Major Revamp as of 20.12.2014 ---

! ! ! ! ! No compatibility with older versions ! ! ! ! !

Gnomes now offer a truly experimental game experience. Gnomes get two racial trees:

- one tree allows them to learn just about any talents associated to different meta themes (they can learn one type each of these groups: technique/cunning, spell/celestial/chronomancy, psionic/wild-gifts, cursed/corruption).

- the other tree provides general offensive and defensive benefits as well as resource (stamina, mana, psi, equilibrium) regeneration.

As a result, playing as a gnome makes it possible to spice up just about any class with new talent combinations normaly only experienced when playing the Adventurer class.

Additonaly, gnomes still start with their Gnomish Pocket Encyclopedia - an item, which at level 30 allows them to pick one further talent type from about just any category (excluding stone wardens talents).

Specifics - Stats and Racial Talents:

Stat modifiers: -4 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -6 Constitution, +1 Magic, +0 Willpower, +6 Cunning, +0 Luck
Life per level: 6
Experience penalty: 10%

Update (24.01.2015):

- added a visual distinction between generic and class trees in the dialogues where you choose which talent-type to learn

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This is great, but...

...needs a Wild tree.


Great idea :D feels like you brought in a basic(but much needed) roguelike race in here!


Just a note, the "Teleport: Oyze" skill is a spell, so it's tricked me out of getting an antimagic escort. Maybe make it an activable amulet or something?

Also, I believe the correct tag is "contest2014", not "contest 2014".

Amulets preventing antimagic escorts

Thank you for the notice and sorry for the inconvenience, I changed the amulets accordingly.