Werewolves of Maj'Eyal

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Adds 5 werewolf races to the game!

Copying and pasting the gist of the racial details from the forum post into here for easy visibility.

Largely your standard werewolf experience. Big, tough, and angry!
Life Rating: 14
Stats: +3 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Con/Wil, -1 Cun
Exp Penalty: 10%
Racial Abilities:
-Furious Rage: An active to boost their damage output and damage resistance temporarily.
-Unrestrained: A passive for stun/pin/disarm resistance.
-Wild Pelt: Passive damage resistance, even upping the resistance cap slightly, and increased size at higher investment levels!
-Monstrous Leap: An active ability to leap and come down with a crash, dealing damage in an aoe! Also gains a bit of size (and damage) when you do!

Next up, we have some nature themed werewolves! They're even green!
Stats: +3 Wil, +2 Con, +1 Str/Cun, -1 Mag
Life Rating: 13
Exp Penalty: 10%
Racial Abilities:
-Wild Rejuvenation: A regeneration and healmod boost, not just for yourself, but allies too!
-Bestial Vitality: Increased life regen and heal mod! Not much more to it, just big werewuff regen.
-Verdant Pelt: Increase your nature affinity, blight and nature resistance, and reduce the duration of detrimental effects!
-Call the Pack: Exactly what it says on the tin! Call up three wolf friends for a bit to help chow down on your enemies!

Following that, these werewolves are the more magically inclined of their brethren! Moon and star themes abound.
Life Rating: 9
Stats: +3 Mag, +2 Wil, +1 Dex/Cun, -1 Str
Exp Penalty: 5%
Racial Abilities:
-Lunar Light: Activate to gain a damage shield, and a boost to all affinities for a bit. Soak that damage!
-Lunar Shadow: A passive that pops when you take enough damage in one blow, and then gives you a chance to avoid any further damage.
-Shimmering Pelt: Adaptive damage resistance that can adjust to up to 3 different types of damage at a time.
-Celestial Power: An active ability to enhance your damage output and damage penetration!

From there, we go to some psionic fluffy friends!
Life Rating: 12
Stats: +3 Cun, +2 Wil, +1 Str/Con, -1 Dex
Exp Penalty: 8%
Racial Abilities:
-Sharp Focus: Self-buff for increased damage and crit chance!
-Shrouded Mind: Confusion and mind damage resistance, increased mental save, and a short range telepathy of all creatures at higher levels!
-Faded Pelt: Resistance to all damage, and quite a bit of it, but taking damage will eat away at the resists until they're gone!
-Psionic Howl: An aoe howl that sics some mental wolves on your enemies, giving them damage over time, reduced damage dealt, and chance for talent failure!

And last, but not least, the stealthy wolves!
Life Rating: 11
Stats: +3 Dex, +2 Cun, +1 Str/Mag, -1 Con
Exp Penalty: 8%
Racial Abilities:
-Hunter's Agility: Boost global speed for a short time!
-Killer Instincts: Increased crit chance and crit damage.
-Shadow Pelt: Defense, crit avoidance, stealth power, and even some light and dark resistance!
-Through the Shadows: An active ability that gives you an instant, variable range, no-cooldown teleport! However, the range diminishes the further you travel with it, and recovers over time.


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Adds a new race, containing two subraces: the Kobold and the Gremlin. This an edit of an older kobold mod for my own use. The paper doll in that one does not work with weapons or armor in the latest version. This one changes the doll to the Orc.

Dwarven Endurance

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Dwarves are like chuck Norris: Minutes after being born they grow a beard. After having finished their first bear an hour later, they get their first set of clothing: a plate armor.

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign (Last Hope Start)

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Add Embers Races To Main Campaign, and they start in Last Hope. This includes classes with unique starts (Archmage, Ashes classes, etc).

Big thanks to Zeranamu for their addon "Embers Races for Maj'eyal Campaign"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/embersraces), and Mex for their addon "Mex's Start in Last Hope"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/mex-lasthopestart). All I did was look at Mex's addon to see what they did to make characters start in Last Hope, and made that change to Zeranamu's addon.

Be sure to use only this addon, or Zeranamu's original version. You will probably be fine with both, just when testing and both active I had two entries for each Embers race on character creation.

Mountain Troll Race

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This addon adds Mountain Trolls as a playable race to the game.

Interracial Masquerade

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Change the graphics of your characters, from one race to another! This change is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect stats or abilities.

Choose your masquerades in Game Options/Masquerade


  • Current character may be reskinned
  • Tile updates automatically after reskinning (and updated help text to reflect that))
  • All available races may now be reskinned (addon races must have a lower addon weight)

Originally inspired by Stuntofthelitter's "Look Like Shalore" addons.

Ghoul Global Speed Tweak

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Tweaks Ghoul Global Speed from -20% to -10%

Compatible with "Embers With All Races" addon by loading before it.

Not compatible with "Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM" and any other Ghoul addon that affects global speed.

NOTE: This addon is no longer recommended, unless you specifically prefer a speed penalty decrease. If you want removal of speed penalty and reassessing other aspects of the Ghoul subrace, see Ghoul MultiFork here:


ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

ToME Race XP Penalty Tweak

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Rebalances race xp penalties more in line with their power:

Shalore = 30%
Ogre = 35%
(Reduced by 5% in 1.1.0 for both of these).

Thalore = 25%
Skeleton = 20%
Ghoul = 20%

NOTE: Will not work as designed if addons loading after this one change Shalore, Thalore, Skeleton, Ogre or Ghoul XP penalties.

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

This addon uses a 'ToME:load' HOOK to check for the default 1.5.5 text for certain subraces and changes them if found. Will change the actual XP penalty regardless.

Mighty races

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This addon include several race designe to be Overpowered equivalent of the one in the base game (wip)

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign

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Adds Embers of Rage races for use in the Maj'Eyal Campaign. Currently they all start in the Trollmire, Allied faction, with the default Human quest. Suggestions for that stuff is welcome.

DarkGod pretty much showed me how to do this, so thank you!

Yeti/Whitehoof will be locked unless you've unlocked them in the Embers of Rage DLC.
Embers of Rage DLC is required for this to work!

I'm still new at this, so let me know if there are any issues and I'll try to sort them out.

V1.0.1 is up, I wasn't paying attention when I did it through TOME so I just got rid of the old version. This version should hopefully add in the random escort quests for the three races, since they weren't defined before.

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