Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign (Last Hope Start)

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign (Last Hope Start)

Add Embers Races To Main Campaign, and they start in Last Hope. This includes classes with unique starts (Archmage, Ashes classes, etc).

Big thanks to Zeranamu for their addon "Embers Races for Maj'eyal Campaign"(https:te4.org/games/addons/tome/embersraces), and Mex for their addon "Mex's Start in Last Hope"(https:te4.org/games/addons/tome/mex-lasthopestart). All I did was look at Mex's addon to see what they did to make characters start in Last Hope, and made that change to Zeranamu's addon.

Be sure to use only this addon, or Zeranamu's original version. You will probably be fine with both, just when testing and both active I had two entries for each Embers race on character creation.

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Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign(LastHope Start) 1.5.5 2018-04-02 19:55

Quick question

What is the difference between your version and Zeranamu original version?

Re: Quick Question

In this version the races from EoR (orc, yeti, whitehoof) will start in the town of Last Hope. In the original race port they start in Trollmire.