Use Classes in All Campaigns

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As recently seen with the cults expansion, new classes are sometimes missing from addon campaigns due to load order. This addon solves that problem. It allows usage of all main campaign classes in all addon campaigns.

Visibly Looted Stalls

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Changes the appearance of market stalls in the Embers of Rage DLC after they are looted.

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign (Last Hope Start)

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Add Embers Races To Main Campaign, and they start in Last Hope. This includes classes with unique starts (Archmage, Ashes classes, etc).

Big thanks to Zeranamu for their addon "Embers Races for Maj'eyal Campaign"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/embersraces), and Mex for their addon "Mex's Start in Last Hope"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/mex-lasthopestart). All I did was look at Mex's addon to see what they did to make characters start in Last Hope, and made that change to Zeranamu's addon.

Be sure to use only this addon, or Zeranamu's original version. You will probably be fine with both, just when testing and both active I had two entries for each Embers race on character creation.

Retroactive Embers

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Allows you to retrospectively add the Embers DLC to a Maj'Eyal campaign that was started prior to activating it.

Weapon Schematics for Tinkers at Birth

Short Name: 

Adds class-appropriate weapon schematics to the birth definition of Tinker classes. Requires Embers of Rage DLC.

Based on a suggestion by Mel.

Diversity Mod

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Allows usage of all races in all campaigns. This includes addon and DLC races. Should remain compatible with future updates and DLC, the transition from 1.4.9 to 1.5.10 did not require any changes, and I doubt any future transitions will.

Currently includes support for:
Every DLC and race addon that doesn't have a weight over 9000 million.

Ruined Cave Floor Sort

Short Name: 

Modifies Embers of Rage's Ruined Cave to sort items dropped on the floor, similar to the Sher'Tul Fortress storage room.

Tinker Tinkering

Short Name: 

A collection of small quality-of life tweaks for tinker-using characters in the Embers of Rage DLC. Notable changes:

  • New tinker recipe Regeneration Salve.
  • In the Create Tinker dialog, place initial focus in the recipes list for ease of keyboard navigation.
  • Expand the descriptions of schematics in tinker stores and recipes in the Create Tinker dialog to include more useful information.
  • For characters with both a transmogrification chest and an Automated Portable Extractor, the latter will automatically be used for items that yield ingredients when melted, and the former will be used for the rest for fortress energy (controlled by game option Gameplay | Multiplexed transmogrification).

More Yeti Muscle Rewards

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Slightly improves and expands the rewards available for bringing Yeti muscles to the Old Psi-Machine, to make build diversity in Embers closer to that of the main campaign:
-Staff Combat and Mindstar Mastery are now granted at 1.2 mastery
-Stone Alchemy, Light can now be learnt at 0.8 mastery, but locked (need category point)
-Hexes can now be learnt at 1.0 mastery, locked. If it is already known but locked, it will be unlocked instead.

Embers With All Races

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Adds the Maj'Eyal campaign races (and a large number of addon races) to the Embers campaign. You will still need to have a race unlocked in order to play it in the Embers campaign.

Currently includes support for:
Ashes DLC
Cults DLC
Playable Naloren Race Addon
Sholtar Race Addon
Vor'tep Race Addon
Inferno Race Pack Addon
Midnight Addon
Dreamelf Addon
Troll Race Addon
Xorn Race Addon
Abomination Race Addon
Runic Golem (Ignore Race/Class Locks Addon)

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