Gunsnixed Lite

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Increases the minimum spawn level of Gunsnake from the Embers of Rage DLC (required) from 8 to 15. (In theory, it could still appear at an earlier level depending on out-of-depth checks in zone generation, but the likelihood of that should be significantly reduced.)

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Orc Breeding Pits Full

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Restores ALL the orc breeding pits cut content.
Features uncensored npc descriptions from 1.1.4 with original hostile orc babies and children as well as the quest encounter from 1.1.5 when content was cut.

Tinker Cave Blacksmith

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Modifies the Ancient Automatated Teacher from the Embers of Rage DLC (required), adding options for the player to purchase the Steamtech/Blacksmith and Steamtech/Engineering talent trees. A companion piece to Tinker Cave for Everyone; they can be used together or separately.

Technomancy Tweaks

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Assorted small quality-of-life changes for the Technomancer class evolution from the Embers of Rage DLC (required). Currently includes:

  • Adds a status tracker to the Micro Spiderbot talent, showing how many active spiderbots you currently have and providing a tooltip listing their respective locations and durations.
  • Modifies the description of objects and tinkers to indicate whether they are metallic, for use with the Galvanic Arcing talent.
  • (new in v1b) Expands the tooltip of the Galvanic Rods status tracker to include information about persistent rods deployed via Galvanic Arcing and their respective beam/triangle zone linkage (including the player's metallic or metallic-tinkered weapon, if any).
  • (new in v1c) Modifies the Metaphasic Spin talent to automatically select a steamsaw from inventory if it is tagged with the (localized) name of the Metaphasic Spin talent.

Tinker Cave for Everyone

Short Name: 

Places the entrance to the tinker cave from the Embers of Rage DLC (required) on the world map for all characters in the Age of Ascendancy campaign, without requiring that the character be playing a Tinker class or rescue a tinker escort.


Short Name: 

Prevents Gunsnake from the Embers of Rage DLC from spawning.

Kruk Pride Tool Shop

Short Name: 

Adds a store to Kruk Pride in the Embers of Rage DLC selling pickaxes and lanterns, similar to the Survival Supplies shop in Derth..

Use Classes in All Campaigns

Short Name: 

As recently seen with the cults expansion, new classes are sometimes missing from addon campaigns due to load order. This addon solves that problem. It allows usage of all main campaign classes in all addon campaigns.

Visibly Looted Stalls

Short Name: 

Changes the appearance of market stalls in the Embers of Rage DLC after they are looted.

NOTE: This addon is officially deprecated as of release 1.1.0 of the Embers of Rage DLC, which includes equivalent functionality.

Embers Races for Maj'Eyal Campaign (Last Hope Start)

Short Name: 

Add Embers Races To Main Campaign, and they start in Last Hope. This includes classes with unique starts (Archmage, Ashes classes, etc).

Big thanks to Zeranamu for their addon "Embers Races for Maj'eyal Campaign"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/embersraces), and Mex for their addon "Mex's Start in Last Hope"(https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/mex-lasthopestart). All I did was look at Mex's addon to see what they did to make characters start in Last Hope, and made that change to Zeranamu's addon.

Be sure to use only this addon, or Zeranamu's original version. You will probably be fine with both, just when testing and both active I had two entries for each Embers race on character creation.

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