ZOmnibus 汉化包 (ZOmnibus Chinese Langauge Pack)

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该汉化包可以用于ZOmnibus,也可以用于ZOmnibus Lite 或是 ZOmnibus的任何组件。
ZOmnibus插件包 https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/zomnibus-addon-pack

This addon contains Chinese language support for ZOmnibus and its member addons.

Clean UI

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Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability.

First release focuses primarily on replacing everything related to the default interface styles in the base game.

Future releases will enhance individual styles and take care of minor tweaks.

Content consists of only graphic assets to try and have the highest possible compatibility with future patches.

Turn Tracker

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Only for Minimalist UI

Adds a UI element to display the predicted order of character turns for the next three turns.
If you hover over a talent in your hotkey bar, your position in the tracker will be updated based on the speed of that talent.
If you hover over a creature in the turn tracker, they will get a small indicator over them on the map, to help identifying identical creatures.
Creatures with high speeds are marked with a small '+' icon.

NOTE: The game itself is not necessarily consistent about who goes first if two creatures are tied in energy.

Keep Transmo Tab

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Attempts to prevent the "Transmogrification Chest" tab in inventory dialogs from being accidentally deselected after switching to an actor like the Alchemist's golem that doesn't have a transmogrification chest.

Japanese Translation Test

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 3/20 本体側に組み込まれている古いファイルが悪さをしているようなので、現行での修正は難しいと思われます。開発版を使えば利用できますが、開発版ではオンライン機能とDLCが使用できません 。応急処置として開発版用の最新版と、導入法を付記しておきます。

 導入後、ゲーム中でESCでGame Optionを開き、LanguageをJapaneseに設定してください。中国語表記などが混ざってしまうという方は、world.teawを一度消去してみてください。ファイルの場所は\Users\username\T-Engine\4.0\tome\save

 文責 Weizsacker

 I have been receiving a lot of advice from OtowaKotori, who works for Chinese Translation and developing Translation Tools.
 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him/her.

Improved Enemy UI

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1. improve the default shockbolt of enemy, making them brighter and easier to find.
2. when your rest/run/autoexplore got stopped with monsters nearby, you will see these monsters in combat log, with more detailed information.
3. introduce a game option that you may shout when your rest/run/autoexplore stopped with monsters nearby.

Kor Addons for ToME4 1.7 (TEST)

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Korean Translation Addons (TEST VERSION!!!!!)

본 애드온은 ToME4 공식 한국어 번역 프로젝트의 "검수용" 입니다.

※ 아직 번역되지 않은 부분이 있습니다.
※ 번역 관련 오류가 발생할 수 있습니다.

번역과 검수가 완료되면 이 애드온은 창작마당에서 내려가고 공식 번역으로 편입됩니다.

※ 오류 및 버그 발견 시 uueeck@gmail.com
오역 오타 등을 발견 시 khelerd29@gmail.com 으로 제보 부탁드립니다.

※ 더 자세한 내용과 애드온 이용 가이드는 아래 링크를 참고하세요.

Talents in Tooltips

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Optionally modifies the tooltip description of objects that grant talents when worn or carried to include descriptions of the conferred talents.

Time Shield Tracking

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Improves the status icon for the Time Shield effect conferred by the Time Shield and Temporal Shield talents, showing both the remaining strength and the remaining duration of the shield.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

Restart as Random

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Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Adds an option to the death menu to allow for instantaneous restarts as a random character, as though you had gone through the birth screen and mashed the Random button.

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