Modified Item Descriptions

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这是基于 Cleaner Item Descriptions 制作的插件,为中文玩家进行了汉化。
This is a fork of Cleaner Item Descriptions that translated for Chinese players.
Other tweaks:
Tooltip are always opaque no matter locked or not.
Some attributes are displayed in a group instead of seperate lines.
Adjust the display order of several attributes.

Inventory Tooltip Away

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Request from Yrol Denjeah on the Discord.

Adjusts the behavior of the Inventory to not have anything "selected" and displaying its tooltip when your mouse is not actively on top of a list element (e.g. below the bottom of the list, when your inventory is mostly empty).

Inspired by Zizzo's marvelous Tooltip Cleanup, works alongside it, and should be used with it for consistent behavior between the inventory and the equip doll.

Technical Notes/Known Issues:
  • Switching between mouse and keyboard controls can cause tooltips to behave like they would without this addon. This is a temporary confusion of the state; moving your mouse over the list and then off again will properly show and hide tooltips. That is, any keyboard use will force tooltips to reappear, and will remain drawn until you enter and then leave the list area.
  • Changing inventory tabs, either by clicking on them or using the keyboard, will cause the tooltip of the first item in the new tab to display. This is proving to be tricky to solve, but a minor issue for most people.
  • This invokes a "dirty superload" of ListColumns:display (under very specific circumstances when used as part of ShowEquipInven.) Some very rare incompatibilities with other UI addons may arise. Please let me know if any behavior not mentioned above results, such as Lua errors or the UI breaking.

Better Item Description Filter

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A combination of Deogo's Better Item Description and my Item Description Filter Plus (based on yutio's Item Description Filter).
Can hide undesired properties in item description. Ctrl + Shift+ Alt + F to open configuration dialog. Also able to hide some or all combat properties in game option.
For staves, all bonuses offered by Command Staff is described separately and cannot be filtered.

Cleaner Item Descriptions for Korean

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This is a fork of Better Item Descriptions for Korean.

Y Tooltip

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Display more infomation in actor's tooltip. And add a hotkey to show actor's talents at cursor.

Showing Order: (+) is added, (*) is heavily modified
- Name (Range)
- Type / Subtype (gender)
- (*) Size (related talents helper) if size related talents are involved
- Level, Rank
- class
- (+) prodigy if the actor have
- invulnerability
- (*) Life [NegativeLife] +Regen (Healmod)
- Solipsism Psi if the actor have
- Iceblock if the actor freezed
- Manaburnable Resources if player is antimagic
- Summon Timer if the actor are summoned creature
- Vim Gain after kill if player has vim pool

- (+) Damage Modifiers
- (+) Damage Penetrations
- Damage Resists
- (+) Damage Affinities

- (+) Speeds
- (+) Crit Chance
- Crit Mult
- (+) Crit Shrug Off / Reduction
- (*) Weapon Damage, APR, Crit, Range, ego
- Armour (Hardiness)
- Melee Retaliation

- Predator Bonus if player know
- Accuracy, Defense
- Power, Save
- (+) Status Immunities

- Status Effects
- Sustains

- Faction
- Target
- Guess hiding player place if player is hidden
- (+) Stealth, Invisible helper if player is hidden
- (+) vs Stealth, Invisible

- Flavor Text
- Killed by you

These can be hidden or shown in only normal or detailed (ctrl pressed) tooltips
- Type / Subtype (gender)
- Prodigies
- Manaburnable resources
- Vim Gain
- vs Stealth, Invisible
- Faction
- Flavor text
- Killed by you

These can be always shown or hidden regardless of the related talents involved
- Size
- Stealth, Invisible helper

These can set threshold
- Damage Modifiers
- Damage Penetration
- Damage Resists
- Damage Affinities
- Crit Mult
- Melee Retaliation

Move flavor text to the bottom. Because some characters have very long flavor text that get in the way of seeing important infomation.

Range that is displayed on terrain tooltip in base game is also displayed next to actor's name. Because sometimes actor's tooltip is so long that need to wait scrolling to see the range.

Group relevant infomation.
And color labels to weak-group offense and defense.

Color DamageType. And change colors that hard to see.

Since name and level of talents is not enough information, add a way to open the actor's talents tab of character sheet quickly instead of displaying talents in the actor's tooltip.


Special Thanks:
- Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit
- Nexus improved tooltips

Weight: 160

- mod/class/Actor.lua:tooltip()
- mod/class/NPC.lua:tooltip()
- mod/class/Game.lua:setupCommands()

Cleaner Item Descriptions

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This is a fork of Better Item Descriptions that simply makes the tooltip larger and uses long phrases instead of abbreviations.
It also works with zOmnibus's Inscription Compare feature.
- sorts all stats by category
- item's passive power always the same blue color
- item's usable power - always yellow
- all rarity categories are displayed
- encumbrance value moved to the right under item name
- "on hit" powers always green
- "Stats" have an orange highlight and placed before others

If you hold ALT before mousing over an item, you can see its vanilla description.

If you ask what part of a description means, everyone gets to laugh at you.

However, feel free to suggest better phrasing.

Nexus improved tooltips

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This small addon saves your time giving the ability to evaluate target's status resistances quickly.
Also displays type of sustained talents and beneficial effects (for dispel purpose): ph - physical, sp - spell, m - mind, o - other (uncategorized).
Plus a bit of additional info
Some examples here:

Plenum Tooltip Custom Edit

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Plenum ToolTip Custom Edit: Enhanced Plenum tooltip display for ToME version 0.3 for ToME 1.6.1

This addon replaces the normal tooltip for actors in TOME with a more detailed description of monster abilities and characteristics. It adds to the standard tooltip detailed information on speed, main-hand, off-hand, and ranged damage, and damage modifiers and extra crit power, including damage penetration and damage affinities, plus retaliation damage, depending on what options are selected (from a tab in Game Options menu). This makes it much easier to inspect multiple monsters and quickly identify the most threatening. By holding a meta-key (ctrl, alt, or shift) and hovering the mouse over a monster, information on its status immunities and talents is displayed.

In addition, information on temporary terrain features (like smoke and darkness) and map effects (from spells and the like) will be displayed in the terrain tooltip if the appropriate options are enabled.

This addon is originally developed by Hachem_Muche and continued by sSs1897.

version changes:

version 2.7 for ToME 1.5.0:

-- updated for cold flames
-- negative life levels now display (for the player only)

custom edit version 0.1 for ToME 1.6.1:
-- added class display in normal gameplay
-- added talent highlighting
-- added crit chance display

version 0.2:
-- added steam power/ crit (steam speed is not important)
-- togglable crit chance
-- togglable description
-- added regen if over 20
-- display negative life for enemies

version 0.3:
-- ranked res/dmg mods/pen based on value
-- reworked talent highlighting

version 0.4:
-- added high damage talents by hijacking damDesc, thanks to @梦幻泡影
-- minor bug fix

Shrug Off Critical Hits

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As of 1.6.7, this addon is unnecessary

Unifies Crit-Shrug-Off into one predictable stat.

Currently, several talents say "all direct critical hits (physical, mental, spells) against you have a X% lower critical multiplier (but always do at least normal damage)". This was a lie. What these talents actually do is give you a X% chance to remove extra critical damage.

In this addon, Crit Shrug Off reduces the critical multiplier on incoming damage.
With 20% Crit Shrug-Off, a basic critical hit will go from 150% to 130%.
With 50% Crit Shrug-Off, a basic critical hit will go from 150% to 100%, no stronger than a normal hit.

Since everyone has some Crit Shrug Off from dexterity, this makes critical hits weaker, but more reliable.

Furthermore, there were 2 related statistics, Crit Reduction and Crit Shrug Off. This addon replaces all sources of Crit Reduction with Crit Shrug off.
Crit Reduction was present on Heavy Armour Training, Alchemist Golems, Borfast's Cage, and Daneth's Neckguard.

Technical Details
This replaces the Default damage projector, because the hook DamageProjector:base is not actually at the base of the projector, but rather comes right after the critical calculation.
CalculateCritReduction is superloaded to ignore the combat_crit_reduction stat, and the armor talents have been superloaded to grant ignore_direct_crits instead.

Nexus improved tooltips

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Displays randomly assigned classes of actors rank rare and higher, status immunities, sustains/beneficial effects type and a bit more info in tooltips

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