Grey Out Unusable Items

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This addon shows inventory items in dark grey if they have a power source incompatible with your character.

Arcane items are greyed out for antimagic characters, and arcane disrupting items are greyed out for characters with arcane abilities. Never accidentally break your spells again!

Cleaner Item Descriptions for Korean

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This is a fork of Better Item Descriptions for Korean.

Enemy Warnings

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Minmay's Enemy Warnings addon, designed to alert the player about certain dangers without information leaks.

nefigah says: "Minmay wrote all the underlying code but no UI; I'm working on adding some UI bit by bit. The initial release will simply allow configuring a number of infamous talents to warn about. Other configuration, such as dangerous weapon egos, will come in a future release.

Minmay's code is pretty well tested, so any bugs are likely my fault."


- Initial release

Weight: 124578

Clean UI

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Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability.

First release focuses primarily on replacing everything related to the default interface styles in the base game.

Future releases will enhance individual styles and take care of minor tweaks.

Content consists of only graphic assets to try and have the highest possible compatibility with future patches.

QuickTome QoL Changes mod. Grouping

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This addon requires QuickTome QoL Changes installed.

This addon group the destinations for Improved Rod of Recall to make it easier to find the destination.
Not Grouped:
- Cancel
- Worldmap
- Sher'tul Fortress
- Towns
- Far East Dungeons (until back to the west)
- Orcs Campaign Dungeons (untill the bridge opens)

- Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Maj'Eyal Extra Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Far East Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Peninsula Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)
- Continent Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)

Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons are
- Race Starter Dungeons
- Tier1 Dungeons
- Tier2 Dungeons
- Dreadfell
- Reknor

Main Dungeons are sorted by tier. Other Zones are sorted by name.

Also add some destinations.
- Ancient Cave (Tinker Escort Reward)
- Old Psi-Machine's floor (Yeti Mussle Tissue Reward)
- Ithilthum, Valley of the Moon (Limmir, Master Jeweler)
- Necromancers' Ruin (Rescue Krogs)
- Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary (Dimented Start)
- Unknown Tunnels if Merchant on the Map addon installed.
- Dark Crypt if Melinda on the Map addon installed.

P.S. minmay
If you prefer it, please pick some changes from this addon.

Weight: 216891(QuickTome QoL Changes' value + 1)


Cleaner Item Descriptions

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This is a fork of Better Item Descriptions that simply makes the tooltip larger and uses long phrases instead of abbreviations.
It also works with zOmnibus's Inscription Compare feature.
- sorts all stats by category
- item's passive power always the same blue color
- item's usable power - always yellow
- all rarity categories are displayed
- encumbrance value moved to the right under item name
- "on hit" powers always green
- "Stats" have an orange highlight and placed before others

Extra Hotkeys

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Adds 36 hotkey slots in addition to the default 60, allowing you to put 36 more talents or items on your talent bar.


- Initial release

Weight: 8314756

Recognizable Enermy on Minimap

Short Name: 

change colour monster on minimap

Masked and Hidden MTX Buttons

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Adds MTX buttons:
- Hidden: makes the button invisible
- Masked: makes the button less visible

The option can be accessed via "Game Options -> UI -> MTX Button Type".

No Achievement Pop-ups

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This addon removes the pop-up window that appears when an achievement is gained. It also provides the option to disable announcing your own achievements in chat.
The achievement is still announced in the message log, and the game can still hassle you for donations when achievements are gained.


This addon superloads and OVERWRITES the following functions:
engine/interface/WorldAchievements.lua: showAchievement()
engine/interface/WorldAchievements.lua: gainPersonalAchievement()

This addon superloads the following functions non-intrusively:
engine/interface/WorldAchievements.lua: gainAchievement()

This addon uses the GameOptions:generateList hook to provide a new option.

Weight: 39438


- Fixed announcing already-achieved achievements

- Fixed lag (oops)

- Another attempt to disable achievement chat announcements (impossible to test without uploading the addon)

- Added option to disable achievement chat announcements

- Initial release

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