Cleaner Item Descriptions-ce

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This is a fork of Better Item Descriptions that simply makes the tooltip larger and uses long phrases instead of abbreviations.

You still shouldn't use it if you don't know what item stats mean already.

Works with zOmnibus's inscription-compare feature
- sorts all stats by category
- item's passive power always the same blue color
- item's usable power - always yellow
- all rarity categories are displayed
- encumbrance value moved to the right under item name
- "on hit" powers always green
- "Stats" have an orange highlight and placed before others

Modified Item Descriptions

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这是基于 Cleaner Item Descriptions 制作的插件,为中文玩家进行了汉化。
This is a fork of Cleaner Item Descriptions that translated for Chinese players.
Other tweaks:
Tooltip are always opaque no matter locked or not.
Some attributes are displayed in a group instead of seperate lines.
Adjust the display order of several attributes.

Super many shortcut hotkeys

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original author:
Now there are a total of fifteen shortcut hotkeys.

CN Showing Items Tier in Inventory

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This addon add a column to inventory which show items Tier and allows sorting to show higher Tier first
Useful when in late game you interested only in Tier 5 items

There is an option under "Game Setting"->UI->Sort Items by Tier by default
which is if enabled makes sorting by Tier default when opening Inventory
Otherwise click on 'T' to sort items by Tier

items which is going to be transmo- and of type scroll (rune,infusion..), tinker or other without Tier specified will be placed at the top of the inventory to avoid occasional transmo of valuables

This mod is safe to use without starting new game
original author:


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Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability.

Clean UI Easy Map Edit

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Replaces default interface styles with cleaner versions to enhance readability. Fork of Gurkoz's Clean UI addon to make the Parchment UI gray.

Logs in chronological order

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Makes logs appear in chronological order. More convenient when lots happens in a single turn.

Better Item Description Filter

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A combination of Deogo's Better Item Description and my Item Description Filter Plus (based on yutio's Item Description Filter).
Can hide undesired properties in item description. Ctrl + Shift+ Alt + F to open configuration dialog. Also able to hide some or all combat properties in game option.
For staves, all bonuses offered by Command Staff is described separately and cannot be filtered.

Rename tags

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Allows to rename tags instead of Tag-with-typo -> Untag -> Tag without typo.

In version 1. 0. 1 tags are limited not to 25 characters, but to 1000. Beware, that too long lines will stretch item's dialog windows, so you'll have to guess (or remember) which menu item takes which position.

Grey Out Unusable Items

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This addon shows inventory items in dark grey if they have a power source incompatible with your character.

Arcane items are greyed out for antimagic characters, and arcane disrupting items are greyed out for characters with arcane abilities. Never accidentally break your spells again!

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