Auto Loot Transmo Translated

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This addon is modified from Auto Loot Transmo by helminthauge, to add support for translation and provide a simple chinese translation

CN Showing Items Tier in Inventory

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This addon add a column to inventory which show items Tier and allows sorting to show higher Tier first
Useful when in late game you interested only in Tier 5 items

There is an option under "Game Setting"->UI->Sort Items by Tier by default
which is if enabled makes sorting by Tier default when opening Inventory
Otherwise click on 'T' to sort items by Tier

items which is going to be transmo- and of type scroll (rune,infusion..), tinker or other without Tier specified will be placed at the top of the inventory to avoid occasional transmo of valuables

This mod is safe to use without starting new game
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Auto Loot Transmo Copy

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This addon is developed to fix some bugs for Auto Loot Transmo by helminthauge.

Auto Loot Transmo

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Allows the game to auto transmo loots based on item types and some more advanced options. Press Ctrl + Alt + T to config. Schematics will never be picked up. It'll either be used immediately to unlock the tinker, or be destroyed if the player has already learned it.
Also introduces some smart transmo options for characters with both a transmogrification chest and an Automated Portable Extractor.

0.0.0 - All functions have been tested separately. However considering the complexity of this addon, real-play tests are necessary.

Better Item Description Filter

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A combination of Deogo's Better Item Description and my Item Description Filter Plus (based on yutio's Item Description Filter).
Can hide undesired properties in item description. Ctrl + Shift+ Alt + F to open configuration dialog. Also able to hide some or all combat properties in game option.
For staves, all bonuses offered by Command Staff is described separately and cannot be filtered.

Laser for Everyone

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Removes the name requirement to unlock the full power of Laser Powered Giant Smasher (only for the player!).

Better Weapon Automaton

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This addon requires Embers of Rage DLC to be enabled.

A small tweak addon for Weapon Automaton: One Handed
This addon gives it a seperate weapon choosing interface like Cursed Sentry, and the item will be back in your hand when the automaton is destoryed.
You will not need to choose the weapon every time you cast it, nor feel afraid to lose your weapon.

Also, because it would be cool if your steam-powered campanion can use steam-powered weaponary, this addon make it support sling, steamgun and steamsaw, bringing more choices.

It also made a few changes to make it more consistent to Cursed Sentry.

Auto Disabling Blade Flurry

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Blade Flurry is now disabled automatically on rest or run, as marauder's Total Thuggery does.

Taste My Pain

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Disable the target warning when selecting the source of talent Link of Pain, and when selecting the target of Fearless Cleave.

Visible Counterstrike

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Add a visual particle to counterstrike effect.

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