Auto Disabling Blade Flurry

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Blade Flurry is now disabled automatically on rest or run, as marauder's Total Thuggery does.

Timed PS & UF Salve Usage

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Time the usage of Pain Suppressor Salve and Unstoppable Force Salve to max medical injector efficiency.
To make this happen, set your salve to one of the 4 auto-use modes (which one doesn't matter), and then it will be used when and only when the effect wears up. If you have both salves on auto-use but only have one injector available, Pain Suppressor Salve will be used. To cancel this, just cancel the auto-use of the salve.

fix the bug that if you only had one injector and auto-used one of the salves, you would rest endlessly (could still manually stop though).

now these salves won't be used if you're under one of the following effect:
Wild Speed from Movement infusion
talent Lightning Speed
talent Escape

Auto Switch to Fungal Web

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If you have a fungal web equipped once, and you're not using thunder generade as your belt tinker or having charms on your belt, when you use any instant salves you'll also get the heal. You can actually throw the fungal web away after detaching, but this shouldn't be game changing.

No AutoTalent on Movement

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Disable auto-use of talents when player is under some effects so that these effects won't be accidentally broken.

Currently these effects include:
Wild Speed from Movement infusion, Disengage, deactivating Hymn of Shadows with Hymn Adept, and probably some other talents
talent Lightning Speed
Step Up from triggering that talent
talent Escape
talent Rampage
Reflexive Dodging from triggering that talent
talent Accelerate
sustaining Concealment
sustaining Stealth
sustaining Rocket Boots
sustaining Saw Wheels

if you want some other effects included please let me know by responding to the forum post.

Showing Items Tier in Inventory

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This addon add a column to inventory which show items Tier and allows sorting to show higher Tier first
Useful when in late game you interested only in Tier 5 items

There is an option under "Game Setting"->UI->Sort Items by Tier by default
which is if enabled makes sorting by Tier default when opening Inventory
Otherwise click on 'T' to sort items by Tier

items which is going to be transmo- and of type scroll (rune,infusion..), tinker or other without Tier specified will be placed at the top of the inventory to avoid occasional transmo of valuables

This mod is safe to use without starting new game

EquipDoll - Clean Item Names

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Makes clearer view of EuipDoll by replacing item egos list with actual name, and tuning a font a bit
Because 'Ichorqueen' tells me much more than 'steel,hate,psyport,super.c,telekinetic', and looks definetly better :)

Better Item Description

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This addon makes items description easier to read and determine on a glance it's usefulness
- sorts all stats by category - DPS/DEF/MISC
- item's passive power always the same blue color (not a random blue-yellow-pink-green)
- item's usable power - always yellow
- all rarity categories are displayed
- encumbrance value moved to the right under item name
- "on hit" powers always green
- "Stats" have an ornage highlight and placed before others because it's most important one
- Removed many extra-explain details, which any veteran player would not want to read each time
for example, stat "S.pwr/crit" shorten from "Spellpower on spell critical (stacks up to 3 times)"
means you do remember that it can stack only 3 times, and is not so super important anyway
- DLC supported - Orcs/Ashes
- few bug-fixes along the way

Most important thing to remember
- Requirements only shown for those you don't meet. If you want to see all reqs - hold CTRL
- "Phasing" stat means - "Damage Shield penetration", the name was taken from the source and looks good to me, and short enough
- The "-" minus sign at the end of stat mean immunity or reduction of some sort, for example "Blind-" = "Blindness immunity",
- "Max.summ" = Max wilder summons
- "Summ.HP.reg" = Life regen bonus (wilder-summons)
- "Def/telep" = Defense after a teleport
- "Res/telep" = Resist all after a teleport
- "Dur/telep" = New effects duration reduction after a teleport

it's not recommended to use this mod if you'r new to the game

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