Better Weapon Automaton

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This addon requires Embers of Rage DLC to be enabled.

A small tweak addon for Weapon Automaton: One Handed
This addon gives it a seperate weapon choosing interface like Cursed Sentry, and the item will be back in your hand when the automaton is destoryed.
You will not need to choose the weapon every time you cast it, nor feel afraid to lose your weapon.

Also, because it would be cool if your steam-powered campanion can use steam-powered weaponary, this addon make it support sling, steamgun and steamsaw, bringing more choices.

It also made a few changes to make it more consistent to Cursed Sentry.

Auto Disabling Blade Flurry

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Blade Flurry is now disabled automatically on rest or run, as marauder's Total Thuggery does.

Taste My Pain

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Disable the target warning when selecting the source of talent Link of Pain.

Visible Counterstrike

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Add a visual particle to counterstrike effect.

Sacrifice and Survive

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sacrificed survivor

Allow player to resurrect as usual when sacrificing themselves at the end of this game.

Recall Confirm

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Pop out and ask whether you really want to recall when there's 5 turns left. "Yes" does nothing and the recall continues while "No" cancels the recall.

Simplified Prodigy Requirements

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The requirements fo some prodigies are simplified so you don't have to grind for them. Also removed some requirements which if you don't meet, you won't benefit from that prodigy at all. Any requirements that may involve risks are not touched.

Prodigies touched are:
Armour of Shadows -- reducing the darkness damage dealt need to 50
Blighted Summoning -- removing the requirement
Cauterize -- reducing the fire damage received need to 50 and reducing the number of spell casted to 10
Corrupted Shell -- reducing the blight damage received need to 50
Elemental Surge -- removing the requirement
Endless Woes -- removing the requirement
Eternal Guard -- removing the requirement
Giant Leap -- removing the requirement
Irresistible Sun -- reducing the light/fire damage dealt need to 50
Massive Blow -- removing the requirement
Mental Tyranny -- reducing the mind damage dealt need to 50
Temporal Form -- removing the requirement of having casted 1000 spells
Vital Shot -- removing the requirement
Windblade -- removing the requirement
You Shall Be My Weapon! -- removing the requirement

Warning: this addon overloads all prodigy files, which may cause incompatibility with other addons alternating prodigies.

Auto Disabling Blade Flurry

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Go use this instead.

Timed PS & UF Salve Usage

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Time the usage of Pain Suppressor Salve and Unstoppable Force Salve to max medical injector efficiency.
To make this happen, set your salve to one of the 4 auto-use modes (which one doesn't matter), and then it will be used when and only when the effect wears up. If you have both salves on auto-use but only have one injector available, Pain Suppressor Salve will be used. To cancel this, just cancel the auto-use of the salve.

fix the bug that if you only had one injector and auto-used one of the salves, you would rest endlessly (could still manually stop though).

now these salves won't be used if you're under one of the following effect:
Wild Speed from Movement infusion, Disengage, deactivating Hymn of Shadows with Hymn Adept, and probably some other talents
talent Lightning Speed
Step Up from triggering that talent
talent Escape
Reflexive Dodging from triggering that talent
talent Accelerate
sustaining Rocket Boots (changed in 1.3)
sustaining Saw Wheels (changed in 1.3)
Hunter from activating Boots of Hunter

Changed the actual way to use the salve from using a talent to using an object, so it no longer interrupts Saw Wheels and Rocket Boots. Now the salves will be used when sustaining either or both of them.
Added a sanity check to remove the config of auto-using of a salve when such salve no longer exists.
Lowered addon weight.

Auto Switch to Fungal Web

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If you have a fungal web equipped once, and you're not using thunder generade as your belt tinker or having charms on your belt, when you use any instant salves you'll also get the heal. You can actually throw the fungal web away after detaching, but this shouldn't be game changing.

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