Auto Loot Transmo

Auto Loot Transmo

Allows the game to auto transmo loots based on item types and some more advanced options. Press Ctrl + Alt + T to config. Schematics will never be picked up. It'll either be used immediately to unlock the tinker, or be destroyed if the player has already learned it.
Also introduces some smart transmo options for characters with both a transmogrification chest and an Automated Portable Extractor.

0.0.0 - All functions have been tested separately. However considering the complexity of this addon, real-play tests are necessary.

Auto Loot Transmo forum discussion thread
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
0.0.0 without real-play test 1.7.4 2021-12-18 15:37

Usage Review

This is a magnificent addon!
I've always been dazed when running with high luck stats characters.
My bags are always full of items and many of them are actually useless in the late game since we don't use any T1~T3 items anyway.
This addon not only helps me to sell those low tier items, but also sells all items that my characters won't use!
I'm currently playing a rogue and it's a huge quality of life that this addon sells all the two-handed items and heavy armors for me.
Please keep going with it.

Also, I see there is are functions called "Exempt fixdarts and randarts".
And these functions are both allocated beside "Transmo all" and below "Minimum tier".
I'm not sure what's the difference between them.
Maybe we can have a clearer UI or have a description for them.

Many thanks.