Item Description filter

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An item description filter. Can hide undesired properties in item description. Ctrl + Shift+ Alt + F to open configuration dialog.
Besides, provides an option to auto-set the damage type of staves on first pickup. See "Game Options - [Addon]".
物品描述过滤器:可以隐藏不想要的物品属性。Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F 打开设置。
此外,提供一个选项,允许你在首次捡起法杖时,将其伤害类型自动调整为预设的类型,见“游戏选项 - [插件]”。

Inventory Filter

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 This addon allows to filter inventory by some text from the

description of items. Right click on a tab in the inventory and type a text in
the popup dialog.

For example, filter "Rings and Amulets" with "lightning" to find any jewelry
with lightning damage/resistance effects.

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