Nekarcos's Quality of Life 09: Automation

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This is a stand-alone Quality of Life pack that improves some minor things about ToME gameplay.
This QoL provides some "automation" to various tedious gameflows in ToME.

      • Auto-Keeping

Provides the player various settings that control which objects will automatically be excluded from transmogrification.
This is particularly designed for keeping various "lightweight" objects (such as Inscriptions, Rings, and/or Necklaces).

      • Auto-Waiting:

Adds two bindable keys to [Key Bindings] that lets you wait for either 100 or X many turns.
(No more using the Rod of Recall!)

      • Auto-Battle:

Adds a bindable key to [Key Bindings] that causes your currently-controlled character to perform a single, AI-controlled action during combat.
Additionally, this also adds a map menu option to adjust your currently-controlled character's talent priorities for the sake of optimizing said behavior.

      • Auto-Hotkeying (Work In Progress)

When replacing a usable object with another usable object, all of the old object's talent hotkeys will be replaced with the new object's hotkey as well.

Stability: High
Background: There are just some things a player shouldn't have to do themself. It's a nuisance more than anything! Why waste the brain power? Let's have the game deal with it instead!

Nekarcos's Quality of Life 08: Life Displays

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This is a stand-alone Quality of Life pack that improves some minor things about ToME gameplay.
This pack adds a screen widget that displays all of the life totals of nearby, non-party characters.

Stability: Very High
Background: Originally, I wanted to use this as a surprise feature for cool boss fights I had in mind... Until the GENERAL usefulness occurred to me. Hope you appreciate it!

      • Features can be toggled in: "(Menu)" > "Game Options" --> "[Nekarcos]"

Game Tweaks

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A few qol tweaks uploaded for personal use.

Quality of Life Pack

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An assortment of quality of life modifications too insignificant to be standalone.

Removed collapsible walls in the Sandworm Lair. (restoring auto-explore)
Removed the Charred Scar timer. (restoring auto-explore)
Removed the Thunderstorm event. (restoring auto-explore)

Changed the layout of the city Shatur to be more open and less annoying to move around in.

Changed the Dwarf's starting zone boss to die after killing one summon instead of ten.

Characters that have won the game are far more likely to trigger the special farportal events.
Characters that have won the game receive a new event on Maj'Eyal that places a direct portal to the final Entropic Void boss. (requires Forbidden Cults expansion)

Accurate Weapon Damage

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Makes the stats displayed when viewing a weapon's name more accurately reflect the damage it would deal if you were to wield it. Should not have any major compatibility issues with other addons.

Inventory Tooltip Away

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Request from Yrol Denjeah on the Discord.

Adjusts the behavior of the Inventory to not have anything "selected" and displaying its tooltip when your mouse is not actively on top of a list element (e.g. below the bottom of the list, when your inventory is mostly empty).

Inspired by Zizzo's marvelous Tooltip Cleanup, works alongside it, and should be used with it for consistent behavior between the inventory and the equip doll.

Technical Notes/Known Issues:
  • Switching between mouse and keyboard controls can cause tooltips to behave like they would without this addon. This is a temporary confusion of the state; moving your mouse over the list and then off again will properly show and hide tooltips. That is, any keyboard use will force tooltips to reappear, and will remain drawn until you enter and then leave the list area.
  • Changing inventory tabs, either by clicking on them or using the keyboard, will cause the tooltip of the first item in the new tab to display. This is proving to be tricky to solve, but a minor issue for most people.
  • This invokes a "dirty superload" of ListColumns:display (under very specific circumstances when used as part of ShowEquipInven.) Some very rare incompatibilities with other UI addons may arise. Please let me know if any behavior not mentioned above results, such as Lua errors or the UI breaking.

Turn Tempo

Short Name: 

Adds a brief delay in between actors' turns whenever you are in combat and there are more than 2 actors visible, hopefully making large fights easier to follow. VFX are added to highlight actors as they move, and to highlight the player when it is their turn.
Pressing or holding any key will skip the delay and progress straight to the player's next turn (unless you die). Shift is convenient for this, as it does nothing on its own.

This addon hard-overwrites the code for progressing the game's turns; as such, I cannot guarantee stability, nor compatibility with other addons that interact with how turns play out.

Select Last Escort

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A very superficial fork to Effigy's "Select First Escort" (which is brilliant ngl) to flip it around so you control the ninth and final escort rather than the first. Makes it feel more like a veto on a string of bad luck rather than something you know you can/should build around early.

Nekarcos's Effect Display QD Acid Fix

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This is a stand-alone Quality of Life pack that improves some minor things about ToME gameplay.
This pack improves visibility of status effects by adding particles to certain effect types (such as "dizzy stars" for stuns and confusions, or green bubbles for poisons).
Background: It is otherwise difficult to tell if or when certain effects procced or not, and it is also kind of obnoxious having to check each and every enemy for whether they're affected by something or not.
Stability: Very High

      • Features can be toggled in: "(Menu)" > "Game Options" --> "[Nekarcos]"

QD Acid Fix: Simply removes the handling for Acid effects, which breaks occasionally (but permanently). All credit for the add-on to Nekarcos, this is just a quick and dirty fix for convience -- nsrr

QuickTome QoL Changes mod. Grouping

Short Name: 

This addon requires QuickTome QoL Changes installed.

This addon group the destinations for Improved Rod of Recall to make it easier to find the destination.
Not Grouped:
- Cancel
- Worldmap
- Sher'tul Fortress
- Towns
- Far East Dungeons (until back to the west)
- Orcs Campaign Dungeons (untill the bridge opens)

- Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Maj'Eyal Extra Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Far East Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Peninsula Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)
- Continent Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)

Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons are
- Race Starter Dungeons
- Tier1 Dungeons
- Tier2 Dungeons
- Dreadfell
- Reknor

Main Dungeons are sorted by tier. Other Zones are sorted by name.

Also add some destinations.
- Ancient Cave (Tinker Escort Reward)
- Old Psi-Machine's floor (Yeti Mussle Tissue Reward)
- Ithilthum, Valley of the Moon (Limmir, Master Jeweler)
- Necromancers' Ruin (Rescue Krogs)
- Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary (Dimented Start)
- Unknown Tunnels if Merchant on the Map addon installed.
- Dark Crypt if Melinda on the Map addon installed.

P.S. minmay
If you prefer it, please pick some changes from this addon.

Weight: 216891(QuickTome QoL Changes' value + 1)


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