Quality of Life Pack

Quality of Life Pack

An assortment of quality of life modifications too insignificant to be standalone.

Removed collapsible walls in the Sandworm Lair. (restoring auto-explore)
Removed the Charred Scar timer. (restoring auto-explore)
Removed the Thunderstorm event. (restoring auto-explore)

Changed the layout of the city Shatur to be more open and less annoying to move around in.

Changed the Dwarf's starting zone boss to die after killing one summon instead of ten.

Characters that have won the game are far more likely to trigger the special farportal events.
Characters that have won the game receive a new event on Maj'Eyal that places a direct portal to the final Entropic Void boss. (requires Forbidden Cults expansion)

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Quality of Life Pack 1.7.4 2023-03-31 12:46

sandshredder not working

I believe this addon is preventing the sandshredder from working in the Ritch Hive. Bumping into the sand provides the correct message, however the sand remains intact.


Confirmed. I manually removed this addon from the desc.lua file for this save and the sandshredder in Ritch Hive functions as intended. If this does not get fixed, you will need to do the same in the Ashes DLC when using this addon.