Nekarcos's Quality of Life 09: Automation

Nekarcos's Quality of Life 09: Automation

This is a stand-alone Quality of Life pack that improves some minor things about ToME gameplay.
This QoL provides some "automation" to various tedious gameflows in ToME.

      • Auto-Keeping

Provides the player various settings that control which objects will automatically be excluded from transmogrification.
This is particularly designed for keeping various "lightweight" objects (such as Inscriptions, Rings, and/or Necklaces).

      • Auto-Waiting:

Adds two bindable keys to [Key Bindings] that lets you wait for either 100 or X many turns.
(No more using the Rod of Recall!)

      • Auto-Battle:

Adds a bindable key to [Key Bindings] that causes your currently-controlled character to perform a single, AI-controlled action during combat.
Additionally, this also adds a map menu option to adjust your currently-controlled character's talent priorities for the sake of optimizing said behavior.

      • Auto-Hotkeying (Work In Progress)

When replacing a usable object with another usable object, all of the old object's talent hotkeys will be replaced with the new object's hotkey as well.

Stability: High
Background: There are just some things a player shouldn't have to do themself. It's a nuisance more than anything! Why waste the brain power? Let's have the game deal with it instead!

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