Smaller log/chat fonts

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Slightly (2pt) shrink log/chat fonts

Developer Console Font Options

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Adds an option in the Misc tab of Gameplay Options to adjust the font size of the in-game Lua console.

As usual, the console requires developer mode to be enabled.

Fortress Font of Sacrifice

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Adds an option to add the font of sacrifice to the Sher'tul fortress.

Reroll and Merchant

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The Taels of Maj'Eyal (ToME) Addon: It allows to select both a merchant and item reroll.

DejaVu Font

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Adds the DejaVu Sans font.

Marson's Developer Tools

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Adds a few tools for addon developers.

• "Reload Addons" action is keybound (CTRL-R by default) and also added to the top of the Debug menu. CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R was already in the engine and will reboot without saving. (I didn't know about this until I stumbled across it in the code, but now there's a choice between save and no-save reboots.)
• LUA console font scales based on game settings, including the larger fonts in Marson's UI Modifications. If installed, the style is based on the tooltip option, and size is based on dialog font size.
• Added Enrique Garcia's "inspect.lua" function to the LUA console for expanded table inspection (default depth of 2). Example: ==game.player.combat (MIT license)
• Keypad Enter key has same functionality as the Return key.
• The LUA console can be called even when a dialog is already on-screen. (Except the Inventory screen. Install my UI Mod as well in order to enable it there.
• The PrtScn button will take screenshots of the console screen.
• Debug info outputs to on-screen log while registering and uploading addons.
• CTRL-F will flush waiting output to the logfile.
• Added "Lua inspect grid" option to the right-click menu (Map.TERRAIN).

• Compatible w/ 1.1.5 - 1.2.x

+ Added a Minimalist UI element for tracking variables. Edit the list via CTRL-V.

Marson's UI Modifications

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v3.7.0 *** FOR ToME v1.3.0+ ONLY ***
If you are using an older version of ToME, visit and choose an earlier version of this addon.

An attempt to make 1920x1080 easier on my decaying eyesight, plus a few personal preferences. This is a revamp for the Minimalist UI. It may work for Classic, but hasn't been tested for it. Most settings can be found on the UI tab on the Game Options screen.

• Adds a 'Fonts' tab to 'Game Options'. Choose separate font styles and sizes for six categories:

    * menus & dialogs
    * HUD elements
    * tooltips & character sheet
    * chat & combat log
    * flying text
    * lore

• Expanded font size range to 8 - 36 points. (Stock range is 10 - 18)
• Ability to add your own fonts with a fontpack addon.
• Scales most dialog boxes to account for larger fonts.
• Hotkey bar revamp:
   * Frame colors: green = activated talent, blue = sustained talent, yellow = equipped item, orange = unequipped item. Colors on talent screen and buff bar changed to match.
   * Frame colors do not change when on cooldown.
   * All talents/items on cooldown will have a red overlay.
   * Z-layer of key text (C8, etc) moved under color overlay to better differentiate from cooldown text.
   * Unequipped items get pale yellow color overlay similar to cooldown overlay.
   * Right-clicking on an item no longer clears the item; it brings up the hotkey assignment menu. (You may clear it from there, as with talents.)

• 'Use Talent' screen now also lists all usable items, allowing you to associate a hotkey using the dropdown menu. Objects are separated based on whether they are worn or not and display their current cooldowns.
• When assigning a hotkey, the list will show available hotkeys as 1 through 0,-,= with C,S,A,AS, modifiers (example: "Hotkey C7") instead of "Hotkey 1" through "Hotkey 60", so as to match the labels on the hotkey bar.
• Enabled and modified 'Creature List' code that was in stock ToME but not used. Lists NPCs in player's sight along with their remaining energy and distance. Mousing over an NPC in the Creature List will center the screen on that creature. Toggle the list on/off with Ctrl-Tab.
• 'Limit Terrain Height' option will rescale trees and mushrooms to prevent them from overlapping the grid above them. (Will not affect current level until you leave and return.)
• Adds viewport options: 'Original' is the stock behavior from v1.1.5 ToME. The game will use Scroll Distance, but won't show a black border around the map. With a high Scroll Distance, you will remain centered until you get to the edge of the map, at which point the map stops moving and your character moves off-center. 'No Hiding' is now the stock behavior of v1.2.x ToME. It is a bit of a hybrid. The map will scroll similar to 1.1.5, but will show enough of a black border so that your avatar will not hide under UI elements such as the mini-map and hotkey bar. 'Centered' will force the viewport to strictly follow the Scroll Distance setting. If you have it a high number, you will be centered 100% of the time.
• Adds option to enable right-click dragging of the viewport. This will coexist with mouse gestures but may not mix with them in a visually pleasing manner.
• Separate adjustable background transparencies for dialogs, tooltips, combat log, chat, and hotkeys.
• Adjustable tooltip width.
• Ability to change tooltip location: each of the four corners / at mouse cursor / opposite corner from mouse.
• Tooltip will get out of the way of target location via keyboard as well as mouse cursor.
• Ability to disable ambient background noises (dogs barking, water dripping, etc.) on the UI tab in Game Options. Defaults to 'enabled' (no change from stock).
• Shields (damage, temporal, etc.) will play a sound when they expire on a character you are controlling. (I've missed that my antimagic shield went down one too many times.) I've included a couple versions of the sound, including silence.
(shield_off.ogg created by reg7783 and licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.)
• Adds a choice of tooltip style for the Inventory screen. 'Original' is the same as stock. 'Small Screen' moves the tooltip to either side of the screen so that it obscures less and doesn't bounce around. 'Big Screen' uses a dedicated location between the rag doll and the item list.
• If your character knows the talent 'Extract Gems', a tab will appear on the inventory screen listing all items that may be converted to gems based on your current talent level, including items in the Transmogrification Chest.
• Adds a 'Usable Items' tab to the Inventory screen.
• Adds a 'Preview Talents' button to the character creation screen. This will allow you to view the stats and talents of the current race/class combo without needing to generate a new game.
• Character creation screen will remind you if you are in dev/cheat mode.
• Ability to ESC from character creation screen.
• Alchemist quest shows details about the various rewards you are working towards: "Agrimley the hermit needs your help making an Elixir of Explosive Force, which permanently increase your chance to critically strike with spells by 4%." This will only apply to characters who take the quest after enabling this addon.
(Also available as separate addon.)
• ToME Bugfix: 'Tactical Overlay' dropdown menu.

+ ToME v1.3.0 compatible.

+ Integrated 0player's NPC List speed performance fix.

+ Added frame highlights when mousing over or dragging a hotkey.

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