Developer Console Font Options

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Adds an option in the Misc tab of Gameplay Options to adjust the font size of the in-game Lua console.

As usual, the console requires developer mode to be enabled.

OldRPG Tileset/UI - updated for b37!

OldRPG tileset for ToME beta 37

tome-oldrpg-beta37-nomusic.teaa - 19 MB

Download at the above link.
Simply drop the .teaa file into your t-engine\game\addons\ folder.
Choose OldRPG from the graphic mode menu after you load a character.

Have fun!

New things:
-all missing tiles should have a shockbolt placeholder, for real this time!
-some armor alignment fixes on the player dolls, many more to go still
-weaver spiders
-another new Bill tile (dude has bigger stick)
-added ice shelf terrain
-some new dwarves and liches

Please post your comments / see previews at the development forums!

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