Fortress Font of Sacrifice

Short Name: 

Adds an option to add the font of sacrifice to the Sher'tul fortress.

Worm that Walks as Fast as You

Short Name: 

Adds a fortress action that allows you to spend some fortress energy to enhance your worm that walks to match your speed.

Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweak to make the APE also generate Fortress Energy, for using tinkers in the main Maj'Eyal campain. Also lets Adventurers start with an APE and equipment for tinker classes, even if you haven't unlocked that achievement the normal way.

Note: this does not auto-extract gems with Stone Alchemy.

Golem Speed Lock

Short Name: 

Adds an option to the Sher'Tul fortress butler to spend some fortress energy enhancing your golem to match your movement speed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Crucible

Short Name: 

As I'm bad at descriptions, heres the in-game description that you'll get whenever you want to forge an item for more information;

This process will transplant all egos from the 2 altars on the outside, onto the center item.
Items without egos (including artifacts) on outside altars will have no effect.
However, you can put ego-less items or artifacts into the center without issue.
Once an item has been forged once, it can never be re-forged, nor forged into other items.
Additionally, egos that are based on the weapon that they are applied on hitting (for some global speed slows and the like) will have no effect if put on armor or jewelry.

This process will use Fortress energy.
The more egos you try to cram on a single item, the more expensive it gets.

(Ranged weapons of any sort (including ammo) is not recommended, but not disallowed. Use at your own risk.)
(Shoving weapons into armor is also not recommended, but is also still allowed. Use at your own risk.)
(If a combination would fail, a lua error will pop up, you will not be charged for the item, and all of your items will remain untouched.)
(Reporting the lua error to the thread would be appreciated, but is not required.)

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