Worm that Walks as Fast as You

Short Name: 

Adds a fortress action that allows you to spend some fortress energy to enhance your worm that walks to match your speed.

Teleport: Kroshkkur Unspelled

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Changes 'Teleport: Kroshkkur' to not be a spell, allowing Drem (who would not be barred for any other reason) to enter Zigur. It can still be silenced.

Prophecy Management

Short Name: 

Adds a new talent Prophecy Management, for easier management of the prophecies associated with Grand Oration, Twofold Curse and Revelation.

Drake-Infused Forgiveness

Short Name: 

Modifies the Drake-Infused Blood talent so that canceling out of the Drake Aspect dialog does not consume accumulated kills.

Egress Artifact Codes

Short Name: 

Forbidden Cults tweak that adds lore drops containing the random artifact codes that exist for the Occult Egress. This doesn't give you any more artifacts than you would normally get, but makes them easier to find.

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