Escorts Enhanced CN

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Various enhancements to escort quest NPCs:
- Escorts now follow the player when not close to the portal.
- Escorts occasionally say useful things.
- Escorts heal 5% of their maximum health per turn when not doing anything else.

Arena Quest

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You cannot enter anywhere except Derth if arena quest isn't completed when player reach level 10.

Of Trolls and Dead Maggots

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For Drem and Demented characters from the Forbidden Cults DLC who start with The Worm That Devours quest but go to complete another starter zone to level up before entering the worm; when you complete the quest and receive your racial starter quest, the completed zones will be applied retroactively, if applicable. (For instance, if you complete Trollmire and then return and kill the worm, and if your next quest is "Of trolls and damp caves", it will reflect that Prox has already been killed.)

Alchemist Notifications

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Pops up a notification when you collect all the ingredients for an elixir in the Brotherhood of Alchemists quest.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack.

Start Selector

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Allows characters created in the AoA campaign to access special starting zones normally restricted by race and/or class.

After the character is created and the level-up screen closed, a dialog will offer the option to transfer to one of the following starting zones (and gain associated quests, etc):

Sunwall. (Celestial Human/Elf Start)
Point Zero. (Chronomancer Start)
Irkkk. (Yeek Start)
Trollmire (Allied Start - must start elsewhere).
Searing Halls (Doomelf/Doombringer/Demonologist Start - requires Ashes DLC).
Kroshkkur (Demented/Drem Start - requires Cults DLC).

Choosing to start in the Sunwall will set your faction to 'Sunwall' regardless of race.
Choosing to start in Irkkk will set your faction to 'The Way' regardless of race.
Choosing to start in Trollmire or Searing Halls will set your faction to 'Allied' if you are undead.
Choosing to start in Kroshkkur will set your faction to 'Sanctuary of Horrors' if you are undead.
Choosing to start in Point Zero or Kroshkkur will also teach you the corresponding 'Teleport:' spell, which cannot be unlearned. As these are spells, knowing one will prevent you from entering Zigur or betraying escorts.
You will not recieve the Cloak of Deception if you select a new start as undead, but your faction will be changed as listed above and you will not need it.

Demented Classes for Embers of Rage

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 Allows you to create Demented metaclass characters in the Embers of Rage campaign. 

You will still need to have the class unlocked, and requires completion of the 'all class types' unlock condition for EoR.

Tough Melinda light

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Melinda get a small boost so she can survived a little more.

+ 200 hp

+10% resistance to fire and darkness

+ 15% resistance to acid

+20% resistance to blight

Note: Melinda may had other resistances or those named before be more highter,
this is because npc get random resistances.

Escorts Enhanced CN

Short Name: 
hz-escorts CN

Escorts Enhanced

Tough Melinda

Short Name: 

This mod give 1000 more hp to Melinda and increase is regeneration of 100 (140 with modificator)

Poisons Reward

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Adds the Cunning/Poisons tree as a reward from Assassin Lord for siding with him. Increasing Cunning/Poisons and Cunning/Trapping, if already known.

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