Arena Quest

Short Name: 

You cannot enter anywhere except Derth if arena quest isn't completed when player reach level 10.

Inferno Race Patch for ID and Arena

Short Name: 

A patch to allow races added by the Inferno Race Pack addon to be created in the Arena and Infinite Dungeon. Requires astralInferno's Inferno Race Pack (or one of the addons which adds these races seperately) to have any effect.

Steam for the Arena

Short Name: 

Adds steam generators, medical injectors, steamguns and steamsaws to the Arena shop. NOTE: This overoads stores, so I do not recomend using it for anything else than Arena runs.

Arena to Infinite Dungeon

Short Name: 

Shoves you into the Infinite Dungeon after winning The Arena.

It gives you a Transmog chest, and unlocks leveling, worry not.

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