Masterful Wanderers

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Increase Wanderers' talent masteries to 1.3x.

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Overloads adventurer.lua.

Gunslinger Buffs

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This is a simple mod that requires the Embers of Rage DLC, and makes several buffs to the Gunslinger class, here is a list of changes:

Many talents have their steam cost reducded slightly.
Uncanny Reload now gains steam instead of costing any.
Steamgun Mastery grants an extra reload at level 1 instead of 2.
Double Shot's stun duration increased by 1 turn.
Evasive Shot's cooldown reduced to 15 instead of 30.
Agile Gunner's radius increased by 1.
Awesome Toss's duration now increases based on talent level. All resistance increased from 5 - 20 to 15 - 35.

Resourceful Wanderers

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Help Wanderers make use of trees which are otherwise hard or impossible to use due to:

  • Insufficient or non-existent resource generation.
  • Other dependant talents.
  • Missing mastery talents.
  • Missing items.
  • Anything specific, like Chronomancy/Spellbinding and such.

Any time a category or tree is learned which is dependant on something specific that you don't already have, one or multiple 'Wanderer' trees will be granted locked as well.

These trees are usually at x0.8 mastery, and can have less or more than 4 talents, learnable out-of-order.

Wanderer trees can be removed under certain conditions, and this will fully refund category and talent points. The exact conditions are detailed in each tree's description.

Every Wanderer now knows the Shoot talent from the get-go, and starts with iron mail armour in addition to everything else.

Resourceful Wanderers on GitHub

Interact with the Mech

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Adds new talent Interact with the Mech, allowing Annihilators from the Embers of Rage DLC using the Steamtech/Mecharachnid talent tree to manipulate their mecharachnid's equipment and talents (and name) in a more convenient manner similar to Alchemists' Interact with the Golem talent.

Early steamtech access

Short Name: 

Early steamtech access to tinker stuff for all.

Steam for the Arena

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Adds steam generators, medical injectors, steamguns and steamsaws to the Arena shop. NOTE: This overoads stores, so I do not recomend using it for anything else than Arena runs.

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