Return of the Gunsnake

Short Name: 

Creatures without hands are allowed to be tinker classes again.

Expect not just gunsnakes, but gunbears, gunjellies, sawcrystals, ivyannihilators, and more.

You will regret using this addon.

Race: Tinkerer

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Adds Tinkerer as a new Human subrace. Tinkerers are identical to Cornacs, except they begin with Steamtech/Physics and Steamtech/Chemistry instead of an additional category point.
More precisely, this race is a Cornac with no starting category point, that has been birthed with the tinker escort category point reward that is granted by the Ancient Automated Teacher, without the 500 gold cost.

I made this race because I wanted a consistent way to obtain tinkers with any non-tinker class, without relying on the tinker escort. The Tinkerer is intended to be a balanced and viable alternative to the Cornac race within the official "Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy" campaign. When used with a tinker class, this race only grants an additional starting talent point to both Physics/Smith and to Chemistry/Therapeutics.

Feel free to extend/modify this addon as you wish! My further ideas for this race or a similar one would be to add the Engineering and Blacksmith categories as racial talent trees, but adjust their mastery and unlock status based on whether the character is a tinker class or not.

- v1.0.3 Update to tome4 1.7.5
- v1.0.2 Version/changelog updated everywhere
- v1.0.1 Git rebase nonsense
- v1.0.0 Initial release

Gunslinger Buffs

Short Name: 

This is a simple mod that requires the Embers of Rage DLC, and makes several buffs to the Gunslinger class, here is a list of changes:

Many talents have their steam cost reducded slightly.
Uncanny Reload now gains steam instead of costing any.
Steamgun Mastery grants an extra reload at level 1 instead of 2.
Double Shot's stun duration increased by 1 turn.
Evasive Shot's cooldown reduced to 15 instead of 30.
Agile Gunner's radius increased by 1.
Awesome Toss's duration now increases based on talent level. All resistance increased from 5 - 20 to 15 - 35.

Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS

Short Name: 

Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS!

Our AAT(Ancient-Automated-Teacher) provides wider use of tinkering:

- Spawn entrance the tinker's master cave without escort quest
  • You no longer have to restart when failed to escort!
  • Remove Lost Inventor escort (But still you can force to encounter her with other addons)
- Add options to learn steamsaw & steamgun mastery at the Last Hope weapon store
  • Requires: any steamtech talents + didn't know mastery-like talents (e.g. psyshot, autoloader)
  • Cost: 1 Class talent point (Can repeat at 5 times to each mastery)
  • If you become occult technomancer, add options to refund points from steamsaw mastery

- Re-Add hand tinker: 1H Weapon Automaton

This addon also support KOREAN Translation!

AAT Plus

Short Name: 

Spawn entrance the tinker's master cave without escort quest, and add options to learn steamsaw & steamgun mastery at Last Hope weapon store.


Short Name: 

Adds gnomes as a new race. They are a distant relative to dwarves and know the location of the Iron Council.

Garden Gnomes have nature skills, but are not necessarily antimagic.
Ensorcelled Gnomes have magic skills.
Tinker Gnomes have tinkers. (only available if you have Embers DLC enabled)
Iron Gnomes have strength and constitution skills. (only available if you have Embers DLC enabled)
Cursed gnomes have hate skills.
Shady gnomes have cunning skills.


All gnomes get:
A second tool slot. (Most tools share a cooldown so it's not amazing to have a second one, but can save your butt by not having to equip a different tool in combat.)
Two generic trees. (If your class also has that tree then you get that tree at +0.3 talent level.)
An extra generic talent point every 10th level.
Special alchemist golems.
size_category = 1, the smallest
life_rating = 9, second lowest tied with halflings
Experience penalty: 10%

Garden gnomes
Stat modifiers: +2 Willpower, +2 Cunning

Generic Trees:
Wild-Gift / Call of the Wild
Wild-Gift / Fungus

These trees add a huge amount of survivability.

Ensorcelled gnomes
Stat modifiers: +2 Magic, +2 Cunning

Generic Trees:
Spell / Divination
Spell / Staff Combat

Cursed gnomes
Stat modifiers: +2 Willpower, +2 Cunning

Generic Trees:
cursed/cursed-aura (optional)

Shady gnomes
Stat modifiers: +2 Dexterity, +2 Cunning

Generic trees:
Cunning / Scoundrel
Cunning / Lethality

Tinker gnomes
Only available if you have Embers DLC.

Stat modifiers: +4 Cunning

Generic Trees:
Steamtech / Physics
Steamtech / Chemistry

They also start with the steam resource, a steam generator implant, and medical injector implants in inventory if you want to go that route.

Iron gnomes
Only available if you have Embers DLC.

Stat modifiers: +2 Cunning, +2 Strength

Generic Trees:
Technique / Conditioning
Steamtech / Blacksmith

Gnomish alchemist golems

Class Trees:
Technique / Shield Offense
Golem / Fighting
Golem / Arcane
Spell / Enhancement

Generic Trees:
Technique / Conditioning
Technique / Thuggery

All skill trees are are locked and have x1.00 multiplier (instead of x1.30).

--Starting points
2 category points.
2 stat points.
1 class point.
1 generic point.

--Level up points
2 stat points every level.
1 class point every other level.
1 generic point every 4th level.
1 category point at level 20.
1 category point at level 34.

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the normal golem slots of MAINHAND, OFFHAND, BODY, and 2 GEM slots, gnomish alchemist golems also get LITE, HEAD, CLOAK, HANDS, BELT, and FEET slots.

Additionally for tinker gnomes:
Your golem can equip tinkers too!
Your golem can use steamsaws, but you probably want to equip the golem with a steam generator.
Steamsaw Mastery is included in Golem Power for tinker gnomes.
Your golem can use both runes and implants.

There is not much new here. The goal of gnomes is to add more race variety.

A good amount of the gnomish alchemist golem changes were inspired by the "Golem - The Ironbreaker" addon.

The intent with the golems is to have a fun variant and potentially more useful in the mid and late game, and it fits with the gnome theme of cunning and tools.

I'm aware there is another addon named "Let there be gnomes" which was last updated in 2015, but this addon has nothing to do with it. Having never tried that addon I have no idea if there would be compatibility issues if you loaded them both (if you even could load a race addon that hasn't been updated in 6 years /shrug).

- v1.0.0 Initial release of tinker, garden, and ensorcelled gnomes.
- There is an issue with tinker gnome alchemist where using the "interact with golem" interface can duplicate tinkers. Auto-swap tinkers doesn't work correctly on the golem either. I'm not sure how to fix this...
- Not a bug with this addon: demonologist tinker slots and demon slots don't play well together. The problem is not specific to the gnomes addon.
- v1.0.1 Fixed the Ensorcelled Gnomes spell/utility tree so it is properly disabled when silenced.
- v1.0.2 Fixed some copy/paste errors between v1.0.0 and v.1.0.1.
- v1.1.0 Updated init.lua and put the long description on the Gnomes addon page. Added the Cursed gnomes.
- v1.1.1 Changed the overload of golemancy to a superload, which is a better way to do it. (Thanks FL0RENT_.)
- v2.0.0 I read somewhere on the forums where DarkGod said that class trees shouldn't be given to races, so I took out class trees. Gave gnomes a second tool slot and +2 Cun. Bumped life per level a little. Added Shifty gnomes.
- v2.0.1 Since they are cousins to dwarves, give them the same life rating. (Gnomes were way too squishy.) And remove the exp penalty because gnomes are definitely not OP.
- v2.0.2 Added Iron Gnomes. Added the trees they get to their descriptions in the class selection so you have an idea of what you're getting before you choose them.
- v2.0.3 Fix iron gnomes stat description, set starting steam generator and injectors on tinker gnome to be marked for transmutation, and take out safety net lines that prevent classes that don't start with golem from learning golemancy.

Root's Classes

Short Name: 

Contains several classes developed by Root of All Things, including:

  • Raider: A Tinker who fights with a melee weapon in one hand and a steamgun in the other. The Raider has mastered the deadly art of throwing explosives everywhere, even if they risk hurting themselves with it.
Coming Soon:
  • Animist: A Wilder who is blessed by the spirits of fire, ice, wind and earth. The Animist conjures weapons that scale with his talents, and switches between them based on a set of Stances.
Update Notes - v1.0.0 - Raider, Revived
  • Now compatible with ToME 1.7.
  • Many bugfixes.
  • Strength scaling removed. Now starts with daggers and scales primarily with DEX and CUN.
  • No longer has access to Technique/Combat Veteran, Technique/Combat Techniques or Technique/Conditioning.
  • Steamtech / Physics is locked, but you start with a point in Smithing still to make Steamguns.
  • Now has access to Technique/Mobility at 1.3 mastery.
  • New class, unlocked category: Technique / Seaward Charge. Move with the wind at your back!
    * Seaward Charge - Charrrrge!: Rush to the target spot. If targeting a creature, strike them with your sword. If targeting an empty spot, shoot the nearest foe.
    * Seaward Charge - X Marks the Spot: Periodically mark a tile within range while in combat. Reaching this tile grants a boost to your attack and steam speed for several turns.
    * Seaward Charge - Storm Voyage: Foes that damage you are marked, granting you vision of them. Movement towards marked foes refunds energy.
    * Seaward Charge - Pirate's Wrath: A long cooldown buff that grants critical hit multiplier.

  • New class, unlocked category: Steamtech / Crewmates. A valiant raider never fights alone!
    * Crewmates - Mechaparrot: You're accompanied by a robotic parrot who periodically harries nearby foes, blinding them and disrupting their talents.
    * Crewmates - Roboswabby: You summon a robotic deckhand who taunts nearby enemies.
    * Crewmates - Autobosun: Your first mate disciplines those who strike you. Attacks that deal a percentage of your life or more summon him assault your foes.
    * Crewmates - No Surrender: Your Roboswabby and Autobosun now explode when killed, based on the total damage they took.

  • New class, locked category: Steamtech / Boarding Party. Arm your crew with deadly weapons.
    * Boarding Party - Ship's Armory: Your Roboswabby and Autobosun are now armed with steamguns in addition to their melee weapons, and know Roaring Powder and Steel and Shot.
    * Boarding Party - Mass Charrrrge!: Whenever you Charrrrge!, your Roboswabby and Autobosun jump with you, before attacking nearby enemies.
    * Boarding Party - Parrot of Ill Omen: Your Mechaparrot curses those it strikes, causing them to hurt themselves when they fail to use talents.
    * Boarding Party - Shipboard Melee: Your attacks and those of your Roboswabby, and Autobosun mark foes. Attacking already marked foes stuns the target.

  • Many many talent changes.
  • Blast resistance adjusted. Mainclass Raiders start with 50%, with a possible additional 45% coming from various talents. Adventurers and other non-Raiders start with 0%, with a possible 95% coming from talents.
  • Shiny new SFX and particles for many talents.

Class: Demolisher

Short Name: 

A new tinker class, the Demolisher.

This addon requires the Embers of Rage DLC to function.

Demolishers are designed to be a sort of Steam-Caster, using bombs, drones, and their steam-buggy to destroy their enemies rather than weapons.

New Talents:
Steamtech / Explosive: Plant remote charges with a tiny cooldown and blow them all up at once, lay down minefields, and send suicidal mecharachnid mines towards your foes.
Steamtech / Drones: Send out drones to create storm and smoke, while others hover around for your protection.
Steamtech / Pilot: Your steambuggy is your defense, your offense, and can hold so many explosives.
Steamtech / Engine: Your steambuggy is also the best way to get around. Scorch the ground and flatten your enemies as you zoom around corners.
Steamtech / Battle Machinery

Advanced Talents:
Steamtech / Pyromaniac: Improve your explosives and set everything on fire.
Steamtech / Battlewagon: Upgrade your buggy with more armor, more runes, and more guns.
Steamtech / Automation

Generic Talents:
Steamtech / Tinkers
Steamtech / Engineering
Steamtech / Blacksmith (locked)
Steamtech / Survival

With new graphics by ToME artist rexorcorum


Short Name: 


This addon adds the Sapper as a playable class. As it is a Tinker, it will require Embers of Rage DLC to work.

Sappers use their knowledge of steam weaponry to build construct that will fight your foes and destroy the walls of their lair.
They have an automated onarger, serving as a permanent ally. They can manipulate the terrain by digging tunnels and creating impassable pits.
But they are also trained for short range combat and will not hesitate to stick their pickaxe in their enemies' skulls.

They have 9 class trees, including 4 locked ones :
- Battle Machinery
- Siege Engine (new tree) : build 3 different temporary construct that will attack your foes and protect you
- Onager (new tree) : build a permanent construct that will follow you, hurt and disable your foes, and help you reposition
- Tool Combat (new tree) : join the fray, using your knowledge of tools to deconstruct your foes' equipment as you fight, or hit your construct to temporarily improve them instead.
- Death Tools (new tree) : use the carnage of the battlefield to your own advantage

- Trapping (locked)
- Automation (locked)
- Sapper (locked, new tree) : control the field to improve your odds of survival
- Steampunch Arts (locked, new tree) : find new inventive ways to punch your enemies in the face, or embed a pickaxe in their skulls

They have 6 generic trees :
- Combat Training and Survival
- Physics and Chemistry
- Blacksmith
- Engineering


Please report any bugs you find and I will endeavor to fix them ;)
Any input is helpful and appreciated.

If possible, please take discussions and bugs report to the forum thread : http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=50995


http://game-icons.net/ for all the talent and effect icons.

In advance, whoever tries this out and gives me feedback so I can continue to improve it !


1.2.1 :
- 1.2.0 but it actually works (possibly, maybe)

1.2.0 :
- added translation support (possibly, seemed too easy, tell me if it doesn't actually work :D)
- fixed a couple typo
- fixed dead ammunition being given to every siege engine even if you didn't know it
- fixed dead ammunition buff description

1.1.0 :
- Possibly fixed a rare bug with You Shall not Pass and Battle Machinery traps (and other traps ? i couldn't reproduce the bug so...)
- Buffed Onager damage in the early game and nerfed it late game (by ~15%)
- Nerfed Salvage and Tough Love explosion damage by ~20% and ~40%
- Tough Love max charges is now 4 instead of 5
- Fixed Tough Love to properly grant all res rather than physical res to Onager
- Tough Love now automatically targets an enemy if there is only one in melee and no allies in melee
- Tough Love explosion now also reduce the summon lifespan by 1
- Nerfed Ram base damage by ~15%, and bonus damage by 25%
- Fixed Ram to properly check for stun resistance
- Ram ramming a Ram now has a special interaction
- Nerfed Polybolos and Scorpio durability, they have increased life rating but no longer gain CON
- Scaled Polybolos and Scorpio stat gain with level (worse early, slightly stronger late)
- Buffed Lay Siege cd 25 --> 15
- Buffed Line of Fire cd 18 --> 12
- Nerfed Dig In : all res, crit shrug, and cleanse reduced by ~25%, but regen boosted
- Revised Onager munitions : Fire now deal ~25% more damage, and Bleed damage reduction scale with TL (roughly the same at 5/5)
- Revised Dead Ammunitions : no longer reduce damage, but talent fail chance is increased
- Buffed Cannonball : cd fixed at 8, range increased
- A whole new unarmed tree !

1.0.2 :
- Salvage now target a party member by default rather than an enemy
- Fixed a bug with Annihilator talent when playing adventurer
- Fixed Dig In buff not going away when deactivating the sustain
- Clarified a couple description
- Onager now comes back to you when you get more than 10 tiles away from it, without regards for walls and other obstacles
- Nerfed Tough Love heal power by about 25%
- Buffed Polybolos and Scorpio early game damage (no more 2 damage per shot at level 1 !)

1.0.1 :
- Because Rexorcorum is a wonderful person, wielded pickaxe are now visible on player doll <3
- Spelling fixes, clarity added to some descriptions
- Cannonball now properly checks for unarmed
- Salvage properly deals damage around the siege engine and not yourself
- Learning Onager now automatically fulfills the requirement of 100 summons for Blighted Summoning

1.0.0 : release !


Short Name: 

Adds the Raider sub-class, a versatile mid-range fighter who wields a sword in one hand and a steam gun in another. Disperse clouds of gunpowder and detonate them in brutal chain reactions, or lay low your foes with shotgun blasts.

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