Class: Demolisher

Class: Demolisher

A new tinker class, the Demolisher.

This addon requires the Embers of Rage DLC to function.

Demolishers are designed to be a sort of Steam-Caster, using bombs, drones, and their steam-buggy to destroy their enemies rather than weapons.

New Talents:
Steamtech / Explosive: Plant remote charges with a tiny cooldown and blow them all up at once, lay down minefields, and send suicidal mecharachnid mines towards your foes.
Steamtech / Drones: Send out drones to create storm and smoke, while others hover around for your protection.
Steamtech / Pilot: Your steambuggy is your defense, your offense, and can hold so many explosives.
Steamtech / Engine: Your steambuggy is also the best way to get around. Scorch the ground and flatten your enemies as you zoom around corners.
Steamtech / Battle Machinery

Advanced Talents:
Steamtech / Pyromaniac: Improve your explosives and set everything on fire.
Steamtech / Battlewagon: Upgrade your buggy with more armor, more runes, and more guns.
Steamtech / Automation

Generic Talents:
Steamtech / Tinkers
Steamtech / Engineering
Steamtech / Blacksmith (locked)
Steamtech / Survival

With new graphics by ToME artist rexorcorum

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Love it

Although being little bit too strong, this class is actually great fun. Integrated rune can greatly help with low mobility issues.
One question remains: What is Ramming Speed and Full Throttle? These two talents are being buffed by Battle wagon tree and yet... There is no way of learning them as far as I know.


Ramming Speed and Full Throttle are the 3rd and 4th talents in the Engine tree.

Little bit too late

Accidentally found out that using this mod at the same time as class Inferno Forger overwrites the talent category Engine with their completely different talents. Thanks for the quick reply though!


Fixed! The engine category now has a unique name behind the scenes.