Tinkers for Sidekicks

Tinkers for Sidekicks

An experimental addon that expands tinker-related actions from the use-item dialog and inventory dialog to allow attaching/detaching tinkers on equipment worn by the Alchemist's golem or other permanent party members. In particular:

  • From the player inventory dialog, the "Attach to item" action will include suitable equipment worn by your golem in its list of attachment candidates.
  • From the Interact with the Golem equipment/inventory dialog, the "Attach to item" action will attach tinkers from the player's inventory to equipment worn by the golem (popping up a list if there are multiple candidates), and the "Detach from item" and "Detach tinker" actions will remove tinkers from the golem's equipment and return them to the player's inventory.
  • Drag-and drop in the Interact with the Golem equipment/inventory dialog should also work for attaching and detaching tinkers.
  • The "Gameplay | Swap tinkers" option, if enabled, should behave the same way when changing the golem's equipment as when changing the player's equipment.

This addon should also work similarly with the Annihilator's mecharachnid from the Embers of Rage DLC, the Writhing One's worm that walks from the Forbidden Cults DLC, or other permanent party members provided by other addons; for those cases, we recommend also using addons Interact with the Worm, Interact with the Mech, or Interact with Sidekicks, respectively, to provide access similar to the Interact with the Golem dialog.

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