Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS

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Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS!

Our AAT(Ancient-Automated-Teacher) provides wider use of tinkering:

- Spawn entrance the tinker's master cave without escort quest
  • You no longer have to restart when failed to escort!
  • Remove Lost Inventor escort (But still you can force to encounter her with other addons)
- Add options to learn steamsaw & steamgun mastery at the Last Hope weapon store
  • Requires: any steamtech talents + didn't know mastery-like talents (e.g. psyshot, autoloader)
  • Cost: 1 Class talent point (Can repeat at 5 times to each mastery)
  • If you become occult technomancer, add options to refund points from steamsaw mastery

- Re-Add hand tinker: 1H Weapon Automaton

This addon also support KOREAN Translation!

AAT Plus

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Spawn entrance the tinker's master cave without escort quest, and add options to learn steamsaw & steamgun mastery at Last Hope weapon store.

Steamsaw Mastery added to Weapon Mastery

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Simply makes Steamsaw Mastery attach to Weapon Mastery talent. Doesn't say so in talent, but you'll see the power rise when you take it if you want to confirm. Lets non-Butchers enjoy Steamsaws.
(you will still need a steam pool to use them! This is not meant to give full an absolute access to steamsaws, simply make them available if you have access to tinkers or steam.)

Cheaper Mastery

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Lowers cost for mastery upgrades to half a category point, making mastery upgrades a much better option than they are now.

Escort Mastery Buff Addon

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Unlock Exotic Mastery

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Are you tired of needing to rescue a Warrior escort before you can train Exotic Mastery? Then this is the addon for you!

This addon gives access to the Exotic Weapons Mastery talent by default so it can be trained on any character with Technique/Combat Training. It should be compatible will all other addons.

More Mastery

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Increases the mastery value increase to 0.4, and removes the 1 increase limit.

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