Talent Categories

Cheaper Mastery

Short Name: 

Lowers cost for mastery upgrades to half a category point, making mastery upgrades a much better option than they are now.

Everyone Options

Short Name: 

Starts characters off with category points instead of categories known.

Cornac Rectification

Short Name: 

The Cornac talent category point isn't something they gain over the other races. They just don't auto-spend it on a racial talent category because they don't have one. Now Cornac's can actually have more talent categories than anyone else.

Archmage Options Addon

Short Name: 

Mod to set most archmage talents/talent categories to unlearnt and give them talent/talent category points to make up for it.

More Mastery

Short Name: 

Increases the mastery value increase to 0.4, and removes the 1 increase limit.

More Category points

Short Name: 

Provides Talent Category every 5 levels, instead of at levels 10, 20, and 36.

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