Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS

Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS

Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS!

Our AAT(Ancient-Automated-Teacher) provides wider use of tinkering:

- Spawn entrance the tinker's master cave without escort quest
  • You no longer have to restart when failed to escort!
  • Remove Lost Inventor escort (But still you can force to encounter her with other addons)
- Add options to learn steamsaw & steamgun mastery at the Last Hope weapon store
  • Requires: any steamtech talents + didn't know mastery-like talents (e.g. psyshot, autoloader)
  • Cost: 1 Class talent point (Can repeat at 5 times to each mastery)
  • If you become occult technomancer, add options to refund points from steamsaw mastery

- Re-Add hand tinker: 1H Weapon Automaton

This addon also support KOREAN Translation!

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Ancient-Automated-Teacher PLUS 1.7.4 2021-08-30 01:24