Weapon Egos on Mindstars

Short Name: 

Add regular weapon egos to mindstars.

Doctornull's Ego Pack

Short Name: 

Not complete. Please don't use yet unless you want to beta-test an incomplete addon.

Contains replacements for existing egos.

Details here:

- Rebalancing pretty much all item type egos.
- Some replacements, some removals, a few additions.

Skullcracker Variety

Short Name: 

Adds one new unique enemy, one new artefact, and two new greater egos to the game. This mod is designed to give Marauders more variety and make them more interesting to play. The Egos both provide the Skullcracker Multiplicator bonus, as does the new artefact, and the new unique enemy has a high chance to drop the new artefact. He can appear in any of the starter dungeons, but will most frequently appear in Heart of the Gloom or Norgos' Lair.

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