Rocketman Gear Pack

Short Name: 

Un-ego'd gear that can be upgraded! Soon to be expanded with custom art and more items..

Adds sunstone gear to the game, and a new type of ego based off of crystal hearts!

The art is not finished yet, but as is there are several character sprites to choose from along with sprites for the chest armor, swords, and sun crystals.

Sunstone is an armor type that provides bonuses to max life, blight and darkness resistance at the expense of being ravaged by acid.

Sunstone weapons provide damage conversion, and a slight bonus to penetration of their element.

And lastly, sun stones/crystals upgrade gear of white/green quality to artifact status. Increasing their armor and light/nature damage. In addition to providing some light damage on hit. (soon to be split into mossy (nature) and regular (light) variants.

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