Faster Egress Artifact Rolling

Short Name: 

Immediately gives you 3 appropriate artifacts upon entering the egress instead of having to brute-force combinations.

Communist Artifacts

Short Name: 

Equalizes the rarity of all artifacts, because I'm sick of seeing Girdle of the Calm Waters in egress.
I'm not sure what other implications this will have, so use at your own peril.

Schematics of Ascendancy

Short Name: 

Allows schematic-only artifacts from EoR to be learned AoA or Infinite Dungeon. Each one is unlocked randomly by defeating bosses (not elite bosses) above level 20.

Points, Horrific Points

Short Name: 

Guarantees rewards from The Place Which Does Not Exist (PWDNE) by giving points for passing each level. Entering level 1 grants a class point, entering level 2 while knowing the first lore piece grants a generic point, entering level 3 while knowing the first and second pieces of lore grants a category point, and the first entry into the Home Which Is Not while knowing all three lore pieces grants you a prodigy point.


Short Name: 

If you side with the Assassin Lord, a new zone will open up. This will be triggered the same way the Assassin Lord quest is, starting at player level 15.

Once you've cleared this area, you can come back for access to the merchant services you would've gotten if you had saved the merchant - at a substantial markup over normal cost.

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