If you side with the Assassin Lord, a new zone will open up. This will be triggered the same way the Assassin Lord quest is, starting at player level 15.

Once you've cleared this area, you can come back for access to the merchant services you would've gotten if you had saved the merchant - at a substantial markup over normal cost.

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Shop Fix 1.2.4 2014-10-31 11:31
THIEF 1.2.4 2014-10-31 08:24

Haven't yet had a chance to

Haven't yet had a chance to play it, but the idea itself is great. Once you get the unlock, there's really no advantage to siding with the Assassin Lord (unless you're simply too weak to beat him) because the Prodigy is pretty meh for most characters contrasted with what you lose out on. I appreciate the attempt to add complexity to the player's choices.

Okay, finally did the quest.

Okay, finally did the quest. It was pretty neat, Everything Is Unique add-on made shall I put this?...completely insane. :P

But that's an issue on my end, not yours. I chose to use that add-on. I really enjoyed the quest otherwise, though the initial quest dialogue after I return to the main map following siding with the Assassin Lord seemed to be missing text that was hidden beneath the bottom limits of the dialog box. I was on 1434 X 781 Windowed video resolution, and all I saw was the first line. It wasn't a huge deal since I could check my quests page to see what I was supposed to do, but I imagine you'd want to fix that anyway. Otherwise, nice add-on. It had no bugs that I could discern (aside from the abovementioned) and it provided a real challenge and solid interactive content.