Bazaar: bringing shopping malls to Tome

Short Name: 

- This addon introduces a new variant of vault, the bazaar, where you don't fight for items, but rather buy (or steal) them.

- A central aspect of this addon is a new questline (consisting of 3 follow-up-quests), which introduces the player to the bazaar-system. The questline starts in the Village of Elvala (look out for a special npc - he will lookout for you as well).

- I took the idea to this addon from starsapphire (Idea : Markets in dungeons! -

------ Details: ------

(1) Bazaars can appear in most dungeons and outdoor zones, which happen to also generate vaults; chances for regular vault-generation aren't being limited. Bazaars won't appear in the East however - tradesmen haven't made it there yet.

(2) Each bazaar contains a shopkeeper and a limited amount of items, which can't be pickuped by normal means (they are chained to the ground). Instead, you either have to pay to be able to pick up such an item - or you try to unchain it (success chances scale with cunning, dexterity and talent points in Heightened Senses and Stealth). Failure to unchain it will trigger a trap which teleports the player (and his party) to a parallel zone ("Mirrorscape").

--> To escape from the Mirrorscape, a special guardian needs to be killed. Alternatively, there are two hidden exit points. The Power of the Guardian scales extremely with the Base-Level of the Zone (Break-Points: Level 20, 30, 50, 70) and the item-quality the trap is based on (unique items are protected by stronger guardians). Killing the guardian allows the player to pick up the item in question.

--> Killing the shopkeeper unchains all item in his shop. Shopkeepers are extremely strong, however.

(3) Additionally, each shopkeeper has a rare ingredient for sale, and some of them also sell maps, which point to special treasure areas in a variety of zones. To find out about these special goods, chat with the vendor. (Again, treasuremaps point only to zones in the West.)

(4)In Elvala starts a questline, which leads to the discovery of a new zone, The Bazaar. Follow-up quests then introduce more in depth to the bazaar system.

(5) Most bazaar-vaults will also be generated inside the Infinite Dungeon - most Treasuremaps also work here.

(6) From time to time, a caravan will spawn on the overworld map. Encountering a caravan is similar to an "Ambush", however without meeting hostile npcs - instead, two shopkeepers will offer their items.

So, How to start? --> Go to Elvala, talk with a nice dwarf!

Notable modifications to the core game:

- added a new Faction ("Free Traders")
- Overload: added an event zone to Elvala
- Superload: engine/generator/map/roomer.lua - small extension to the code to enable bazaar-vaults to spawn, worldDirectorAI - adding a script for the caravans to spawn
- Hooks: data/talents/misc/npcs, data/talents/misc/objects, data/timed_effects, /data/general/stores/basic, data/general/objects/special-artifacts, /data/general/objects/boss-artifacts.lua, data/general/objects/world-artifacts

Feedback about bugs, improvements, compatibility issues very welcome.

- made vendors "slightly" tougher by giving them a more badass summon and draconic body
- put warnings on treasuremaps, where those lead to very dangerous areas
- fixed an issue with the Infinite Dungeon

- Shopkeepers won't get extra talents/classes in higher difficulties anymore (this could lead to errors)
- increased Shopkeepers Life and Resists

- added more safety-checks to vendors before trying to "return home" after being dislocated, to address a possible error

- fixed shopguards following the player around while being neutral/friendly
- fixed levelranges to all treasuremaps, which should make them a bit easier on normal and doable on higher difficulties

- making vendorporting more failsafe (again)
- tuned down a certain lady in the pocket dimension


- removed an empty event file from the bazaar main zone, as it would trigger an error with the latest ashes update

- items inside bazaars got a new trap. Failing to unchain an items won't upset the vendor anymore, instead the culprit gets cast into an alternate zone, the mirrorscape (much like fearscape)
- caravans spawn from time to time on the worldmap
--> more details inside the updated content text

A warning: you are trapped inside the mirrorscape until you defeat its guardian or find the exit


Short Name: 

If you side with the Assassin Lord, a new zone will open up. This will be triggered the same way the Assassin Lord quest is, starting at player level 15.

Once you've cleared this area, you can come back for access to the merchant services you would've gotten if you had saved the merchant - at a substantial markup over normal cost.

Gray's Illusions

Short Name: 

Alright, so this is two parts. A new zone, and a new class that you unlock by finishing said zone.
You should get an in-game item that explains some things.

Illusory Wood
You'll find this place a couple spaces east of Zigur. Minimum suggested level is 18.
Complete the quest inside and you'll unlock the Trickster class.

A psionic rogue.
- Use illusory walls and decoys to distract your enemies.
- A wide variety of debuffs that confuse and distract your foes.
- Turn enemies' confusion into your own power.
- Convince your enemies that they don't see you, even as you stand in plain sight.
- Stabbing things.
The basic idea is that you throw out illusions everywhere to cover you while you stab things to death.

Feel free to offer suggestions/feedback/whatever.

More Tales

Short Name: 

More Tales of Maj'Eyal - New quests and zones.

New start zone for Shaloren, cos the Scintillating Caves is a bit mean.
Explore the Echoing Cliffs and investigate the strange lights and disappearances that happen in the area.

New zone for Thaloren, extending the Madness of the Ages quest.
You are sent to the Tree of Ages for wisdom about what is corrupting the forest.

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