Golem Can Pass

Short Name: 

Fixes an apparent bug in game releases 1.6.0 thru 1.6.7, restoring the ability of Alchemist golems (and other NPCs) to displace and push past non-hostile NPCs.

[NOTE: We anticipate that the relevant bug will be fixed in a future game release, at which time this addon will be officially deprecated.]

Tougher Escorts

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Sets escorts HP to 1000 and life regen to 100. This mod is not intended to be balanced and will make the game easier. Use at your own discretion.

Tough Escorts

Short Name: 

Sets escorts HP to 1000 and life regen to 100. This mod is not intended to be balanced and will make the game easier! Use at your own discretion.

Tough Melinda light

Short Name: 

Melinda get a small boost so she can survived a little more.

+ 200 hp

+10% resistance to fire and darkness

+ 15% resistance to acid

+20% resistance to blight

Note: Melinda may had other resistances or those named before be more highter,
this is because npc get random resistances.

Escorts Enhanced CN

Short Name: 
hz-escorts CN

Escorts Enhanced

Tough Melinda

Short Name: 

This mod give 1000 more hp to Melinda and increase is regeneration of 100 (140 with modificator)

Gray's Illusions

Short Name: 

Alright, so this is two parts. A new zone, and a new class that you unlock by finishing said zone.
You should get an in-game item that explains some things.

Illusory Wood
You'll find this place a couple spaces east of Zigur. Minimum suggested level is 18.
Complete the quest inside and you'll unlock the Trickster class.

A psionic rogue.
- Use illusory walls and decoys to distract your enemies.
- A wide variety of debuffs that confuse and distract your foes.
- Turn enemies' confusion into your own power.
- Convince your enemies that they don't see you, even as you stand in plain sight.
- Stabbing things.
The basic idea is that you throw out illusions everywhere to cover you while you stab things to death.

Feel free to offer suggestions/feedback/whatever.

Half-Finished Bone Giant Nerf

Short Name: 

Modifies the Half-Finished Bone Giant undead starting dungeon boss to be less overpowered:
- Level range reduced from 7-infinity to 4-5.
- Dexterity reduced from 52 to 24.

Escorts Enhanced

Short Name: 

Various enhancements to escort quest NPCs:
- Escorts now follow the player when not close to the portal.
- Escorts occasionally say useful things.
- Escorts heal 5% of their maximum health per turn.

No NPC Aggro

Short Name: 

Stops npcs going hostile when you accidently hit them with something.

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