Ogres Look Like Krogs (and vice versa)

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Swaps the cosmetic character customization options for Ogres and Krogs from the Forbidden Cults DLC (required).

Quick Tour of Maj'Eyal

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Gives you the Quick Tour version of the Age of Ascendency campaign. Similar to Quickband for Angband.

Shortens the Majeyal campaign by turning a lot of 3 level dungeons into 1 level dungeons, and 4 level dungeons into 2 level dungeons. Also gives around 2.5x XP & gold to compensate. Dreadfell goes from 9->5 levels, High Peak from 10->4.

Adds 2 swap meet vendors to let you roll for extra level-appropriate items. One in Last Hope (Dala), and one in Gates of the Morning (the NPC that gives the Spider quest, after finishing that quest).

Adds tab to the Game Options Menu to customize many options: including xp & gold multiplier, swap meet vendor prices & quality, and which levels to cut out of which zones (in nauseating detail).

Character progression is intended to match that of regular play. In normal difficulty, you should reach T2 dungeons around lvl 10, the Master around lvl 30, and High Peak around lvl 50.

The mod is still in alpha. Let me know of any bugs or balance issues.

---- New version (0.1.0) adds:

Randomized mode: in this mode, the addon randomly adds back some of the missing levels so that every run is different. Select "Maj'Eyal: AoA (Random)" campaign at character creation for this mode. This mode will automatically calculate gold & xp multipliers to try to keep your progression balanced (which you can further tweak in the Game Options).

Proportionally increased drops from elites & randbosses. Intended to further match progression of normal play.

T1 dungeons can be now ransacked by other adventurers. Every time you enter a T1 dungeon, there's a 50% chance, another T1 dungeon is ransacked by other adventurers. You're not the only one looking to make their way in the world.

(This feature is intended to force you to move onto T2 without doing all the T1 dungeons so that your starts aren't always going through the same zones. Note if you don't like this feature, you can turn it off in the Game Options.)



Explicit Default Cosmetics

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Fixes a small cosmetic glitch in the Customize dialog on the character creation screen by explicitly setting the default cosmetics for your current race/class/sex as selected, so that selecting a value in one category (like Skin) doesn't lose the default selection in another category (like Hair, leaving the character bald).

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