Golem Gender

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Allows the Alchemist's golem to be created as female or neuter rather than the default male, via the "Customize" option on the character creation dialog. This is a purely cosmetic modification, altering the golem's appearance and log messages describing the golem's actions.

No Male Undershirt

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Remove undershirt for male characters.
Also add an option in [Game Options/Misc] to hide body armor.

Interracial Masquerade

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Change the graphics of your characters, from one race to another! This change is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect stats or abilities.

Choose your masquerades in Game Options/Masquerade


  • Current character may be reskinned
  • Tile updates automatically after reskinning (and updated help text to reflect that))
  • All available races may now be reskinned (addon races must have a lower addon weight)

Originally inspired by Stuntofthelitter's "Look Like Shalore" addons.

Two-Handed Weapon Display

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[Obsolete for ToME 1.0.1. - Integrated within the game]  Adds ingame two-handed weapon tiles for shockbolt tileset - greatswords, greatmauls and battleaxes. Works also with the oldrpg tileset with a separate package - included in the forum thread.

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