No Male Undershirt

Short Name: 

Remove undershirt for male characters.
Also add an option in [Game Options/Misc] to hide body armor.

Green Warrior

Short Name: 

Be the mighty green warrior. Defeat your enemies with sword techniques, magic arrows, and a wide variety of new tools and charms.
Requires the Weapons Pack addon.

Cloning Insanity

Short Name: 

This addon allows every single unit in the game, besides the player, to clone themselves.

If an enemy(or an ally) has sight of the player for 5 turns, they will clone themselves.

The clone will be given the following stats:

75% of their current life.
-15% all damage %. (Will not go below -80%)

Every single npc in the game can do so, even allies.
... good luck with bosses.

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