Stalker Evolution for Rogue

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Adds Stalker as a new class evolution prodigy for Rogue.

While wearing no heavy armor (including helms, boots and gloves) and wielding no weapons:
- The Stalker's actions will never break Stealth.
- Effects normally triggered by exiting Stealth will trigger when landing an unarmed critical strike against an adjacent foe (cooldown 8 ).
- Lethality and Dagger Mastery will apply their effects to gloves.
- The Stalker is considered to be wielding Dual Weapons, using unarmed combat stats for both main hand and offhand (damage penalty applies).

Rogue stealth fix

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Minor buffs to rogue

Post Effects fixes

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The addon improves gamefield view during different post effects
For example, it's hard enough to see anything around you while having invisibility and confusion/sleep statuses at the same time

Here is details about what been changed:
- Invisibility status no longer cause whole screen to go blue. The character outline-only effect still applies and it's enough to check your status on a glance
- Invisibility status no longer cause whole screen blur effect.
- Lightning Speed status no longer cause whole screen to go blue. Blur effect still applies though
- Lightning Speed status will no longer apply blur if you have Confused/Sleep statuses (which also make things blurried)
- Unstoppable status now makes whole screen a bit more brighter-red so it's easier to see stuff
- Unstoppable shader now have higher priority over Stealth, so if you activate Unstoppable while being stealthed - you'll see visual change
- Frozen state no longer causes whole screen to become greenish. This effect was caused by no_healing state, but in the frozen state last thing you going to care about is no_healing, and it's not even obvious

Better Mages and Rogues

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Minor buffs to some classes.
This is really just for my own usage, but I can't stop you if you want to download it.

Reduce stealth cooldown 10 -> 5, changed max power 64 -> 150
Traps now last 10x as long (8 -> 80)
Traps have their cooldowns halved
Husks can be created from unique creatures (the description already makes this seem possible)
Husks don't unlearn bone shield
Aura Mastery max size +5 -> +7
Aura Mastery min decay rate 3% -> 1%
Brotherhood of Alchemist elixirs no longer get poached


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Adds the Prowler subclass, a hybrid Wilder that uses stealth and mobility to take down their foes. Uses a combination of standard Rogue and Wilder talents, four new Wild-Gift trees and two new Technique trees. Prowlers are wild-rogues that focus on agile melee combat with psiblades or daggers and use their strong will to augment their abilities and call nature to their bidding.

Deceiver class

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New release! Now in a playable state!
A psionic heavyweight stealth fighter class focusing on large burst (crit) damage over sustained dps, with strong positioning, defensive, escape, and cc abilities.
Still in active development. More trees will be added, balancing will be done, etc.

New trees:
- Trick of the Light: Melee critical hits cause you to phase out (invisible, reduced damage taken, increased damage dealt on next hit)
- Smoke and Mirrors: Teleport a short distance, phasing out and leaving a decoy behind
- Shell Game: Summon two decoys to fight for you, switch with them at any time with Smoke and Mirrors
- Slippery Devil: Reduce damage taken from massive hits and instead teleport away
- Evil Eye: Terrify an enemy to reduce its power
- Mass Hysteria: Terrified enemies spread fear when they lose sight of you
- Phantasmal killer: Instantly kill an enemy if your mindpower is high enough vs. its health
- Abomination: Physical attacks deal aoe mind damage
Technique/Mind games
- Feint: 2-turn combo attack, bonus damage on second attack
- Artful Dodger: Dodging an attack can confuse an enemy
- Retaliation: Gain physical retaliation damage and daze attackers
- Sleight of Hand: Accumulate bonus damage over time and switch weapons to activate

Additional skills:
Technique/2h assault
Technique/Combat training
[locked] Cunning/Lethality
[locked] Psionic/Augmented Mobility
[locked] Technique/Bloodthirst
[locked] Technique/Field Control

Stealth Rework

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Changes how enemies react to stealth.
See the options under gameplay for tweaking.

Stealth Tweaks

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Minor tweaks to stealth info in the ui.

Right now, it just adds your unseen actions success chance to your stealth sustain icon.

Gray's Illusions

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Alright, so this is two parts. A new zone, and a new class that you unlock by finishing said zone.
You should get an in-game item that explains some things.

Illusory Wood
You'll find this place a couple spaces east of Zigur. Minimum suggested level is 18.
Complete the quest inside and you'll unlock the Trickster class.

A psionic rogue.
- Use illusory walls and decoys to distract your enemies.
- A wide variety of debuffs that confuse and distract your foes.
- Turn enemies' confusion into your own power.
- Convince your enemies that they don't see you, even as you stand in plain sight.
- Stabbing things.
The basic idea is that you throw out illusions everywhere to cover you while you stab things to death.

Feel free to offer suggestions/feedback/whatever.


Short Name: 

Geists are back, with three new trees, and a new name!

"Phantoms are mages who have made a dark bargain for power. Unlike Doomed, they have yet to fall, and for what little time they have left, the shadows themselves their ally. Can they avert the impending doom upon them, or will they be lost in the darkness?"

New skill trees!

Vile Tactics
Vile Aim: Aim for the enemies eyes, doing damage and having a chance to blind.
Shadowsense: See through the shadows, making stealth a bit easier to use!
Shadow Net: Throw out a net of shadows, doing damage and slowing.
Unveil: Some think they are the masters of the dark. Show them who's boss! Reveals enemies in the AoE, doing double damage to them in the process.

Dark Veil
Enveil: Hide in the shadows.
Veiled Strike: Shadowstrike!
Twist the Veil: Tiny range phase door that turns you entirely invisible for one turn, and resets the cooldown on Enveil.
Veiled Threats: Unseen Actions 2.0

Shadow Alliance: Standing near your shadows gives a boost to your stealth power.
Dark Exchange: Your mana fuels your mental strength, and your hatred fuels your magical might.
Unseen Heckler: Mock your foes from the shadows!
Shroud of Shadows: Embrace the darkness, gaining increased powers at the cost of draining away your mana.


v1.3 ~ A Deeper Dark

Minor(Except not really) changes
-Veiled Strikes is now Veiled Strike. The plural was weird.
(v1.35 ~ Capitalization is important)-changed combat.lua to Combat.lua, hopefully fixing the Veiled Strike problems once and for all.

Bug fixes
-Vile Aim now properly takes a turn.
-Unveil now properly takes a turn.

Balance changes
-Cunning/Dark Veil buffed from 1.0 mastery to 1.3(The shadowstrike/veiled strike bug forced me to keep it at 1.0 to sync the numbers. Not anymore!)
-Cursed/Gloom nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Shadows nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Cursed Aura added(locked) at 1.2 mastery. Hopefully this means that if you unlock Cursed Aura via the event, it'll unlock with 1.2 mastery.

Experimental changes(Looking for feedback on these!)
-Vile Aim reverted back to range 3, to match Veiled Strike's range. I'm not 100% sure on this, admittedly.
-Mana regen buffed from 0.5 to 2.5
-Mana rating nerfed from 5 to 4.


v1.4 A Minor Darkening

Tooltip fixes

-Unseen Heckler has a more fitting tooltip
-Vile Aim, Shadow Net and Unseen Heckler now properly note that they use mind crit. Trying to combine crit types is apparently super hard to do, sadly.
-Changed text spacing on Shadowsense and Unveil. They were sort of wonky before.

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