Infinite Dungeon Improved Challenges

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Get a challenge on every level, but the rewards are a little smaller to compensate (less stat points). Random artifact challenges eliminated.

Movarc'h's Improved Escorts - Bamboo + CH Edition

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Improvements to the escort system. Adds a bunch of new types of escorts, and increases the power and number of options for existing escorts. Additionally learning new categories unlocks them by default, or can improve your mastery if you already know them. Also gives escorts 1000 base Life and 100 base life regen so they don't die from a sneeze. This is a fork of Movarc'h's Impoved Escorts by mannendake. Credit to Disnag for necromancer escort and Movarc'h for the base addon. Also credits to Bamboo's fork.

Movarc'h's Improved Escorts - Bamboo Edition

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Improvements to the escort system. Adds a bunch of new types of escorts, and increases the power and number of options for existing escorts. Additionally learning new categories unlocks them by default, or can improve your mastery if you already know them. This is a fork of Movarc'h's Impoved Escorts by mannendake. Credit to Disnag for necromancer escort and Movarc'h for the base addon.

Summoner rework

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Summoner rework!
Removed useless summons. Now there are only 4 kinds of basic summons available.
Added 3 categories, one for a melee summoner, one for a ranged weapon summoner, one for a pure summoner.
Reworked advanced summoning and augmentation tree. And many more.


- Added a new category - Force of Nature.

   -Innervate: Reset cooldown of summons' talent.
   -Blessing of Nature: Buff to surrounding summons.
   -Wasp Swarm: debilitating enemies & halving poison resistance
   -Force of Nature: Automatically refill dead summons.

-Now detonation's cooldown scales with the talent level.
-Fixed Dragon to crit properly on detonation

- Now detonation does not cost any resources, and also get double charges from Blood and Iron
- Nerfed equilibrium gain from Blood and Iron to adjust the change
- The World Tree now gives 1 equilibrium regeneration
- Adjust some equilibrium cost of summons

- Detonation now also grants Meat shield at Raw talent level 5.
- Summons from 'Mark Target' are always summoned right next to the target.
- Minor bug fix.


- Arrow rain now summons ivy right next to the enemies (ignore range)
- Attack order does not ignore range now.
- Dragons now have light radius of 5
- Commune with Nature now counts allies correctly when Wild Senses is active.


- You can now move Dragons with Attack Order
- Minor bug fix


- Minor bug fix


- Summoner and SummonerR merged.
- Minor stat changes of summons
- Removed Recycle and added Attack Order.
- Damage of Detonate now depends on summons' stats.
- Nerfed Gardener of Eyal's cooldown.
- Some damage dealing talents are now dealt by summons not by summoner (to get benefit from Mark Target)


- Changed few particles (for performance)
- Removed companion hound.
- Nerfed The World Tree a bit. The World Tree now does not summon other animals and plants.
- Added new talent on Summon - animal tree, Wild Senses.
- Mark target now summons all animals and plants that are not on cooldown (Like the world tree did before)
- Meat shield can be used with other barriers.

Morvarc'h's Improved Escorts

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Improvements to the escort system. Adds a bunch of new types of escorts, and increases the power and number of options for existing escorts. Additionally learning new categories unlocks them by default, or can improve your mastery if you already know them.

Shorter Dungeons Redux

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Reworks the depth, size, EXP, enemies, and drop rates of mid/lategame dungeons. Original inspired by Pigslayer.
Do note that this may have limited compatibility with other addons that change map data, EXP, and enemy rates.

Stone Redone!

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Makes a number of changes/improvements to the Earth and Stone spell trees to bring their combined utility/power level more in line with their elemental counterpoints, integrating them better with each other and (hopefully!) providing a more sensible, unified package for the three classes that share them.

Changes from basegame:

Body of Stone has been significantly buffed to bring it up to par with its counterparts in the other advanced elemental trees as a spell that expands the earth spell family's functionality into a new playstyle -- that of a stationary "artillery" that trades mobility for field control and durability:
Body of Stone's cooldown reduction now scales up to 50% at max level, and the reduction now rounds to nearest, meaning at max level Pulverising Auger has a cooldown of only 1 turn;
Body of Stone now reduces the cooldown of Stone Spikes, integrating it more into Stone Warden's gameplay;
Body of Stone's fire/lightning/acid resistance has been replaced with physical/fire/lightning flat damage reduction, improving its protective capabilities;
Body of Stone now grants knockback and teleport resistance, making it less likely to be broken by enemies and useful in places such as Dark Crypt or Vor Pride;
Body of Stone now automatically unsustains (with no cooldown) when exiting combat as QoL;
Body of Stone has new visual effects!

Crystalline Focus's save bonus has been replaced with an additional chance for all damaging Earth, Stone, and Eldritch Stone spells to stun targets; combined with Earthen Missiles' and Earthquake's multihit (the latter of which has the bonus added to its native stun chance) and Body of Stone's cooldown reduction, earth mages can now repeatedly stun vulnerable enemies, impairing their damage and talent cooldowns. This also aids their utility for Stone Warden and Arcane Blade, for whom the damage from Earth spells falls off quickly compared to weapon damage.

Mudslide can now be aimed at yourself for a radial attack that pulls enemies in, making the talent more desirable for Stone Warden and Arcane Blade (particularly in conjunction with Body of Stone which would otherwise prevent them from engaging foes in melee).
Additionally, Mudslide now pulls and pushes targets in order of distance, making it behave much better against groups of foes.

Stone Skin's cooldown reduction is now compatible with Stone Spikes, similarly to Crystalline Focus and Body of Stone.

This addon hard-overloads the entire data files for the Earth, Stone, and Eldritch Stone talents, and so will almost certainly be incompatible with addons that make changes to the aforementioned.

Spookier Scarier Skeletons

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Revamps skeleton racials to give them more varied utility and unique gameplay, bringing them more in line with ghouls:

- The first talent, Skeleton, now grants enhanced Movement Speed and Accuracy starting from talent level 3 (not applicable to necromancer summons). Fly fast from death's jaws, little bones!
- The second talent, Bone Armour, has had Resilient Bones's passive debuff duration rolled into it starting from talent level 3, and has had its scaling changed to scale more consistently from early to endgame. Slings, arrows, curses and everything else; all fall useless against dead, dead bones!
- An all-new third talent, Bonerang (replacing Resilient Bones), a throwable weapon that strikes all in its path both as it flies forward and as it returns. Bones wielding bones, themselves thrice deadly!
- The fourth talent, Re-Assemble, now reduces the duration of physical and magical debuffs the user currently suffers from, and has had its extra life at talent level 5 removed; instead, starting from talent level 5, it allows you to survive a lethal hit with negative life once every 40 turns. Death once cheated, death forever spurned, all crumbles and fades save for bones, bones, bones!

New SFX have additionally been added to Bone Armour and Re-Assemble.

Step fast and light, adventurer; the dust of the grave yet stirs, and its envy of the living grows ever more keen.

Demonologist: ReSeeded

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A full redesign of the Demonologist class, featuring rewritten flavour text, enhanced QoL, some enhanced visuals, and many, many balance and design changes to talents intended to reduce tedium and enhance gameplay diversity while holding true to Demonologist's core gameplay as a heavily-armored melee/caster hybrid.
(Note that this addon requires Ashes of Urh'rok to be both installed and active to work, and will fail to load otherwise.)

Features include:

An entirely new talent tree: Bloodbinding, replacing Combat Techniques and Combat Veteran. Lay down hexing circles to strip foes' strength and restore your stamina, and go for their throats with a deadly gap closer that strikes without fail!

No more tedious sustain management: Osmosis Shield, Rain of Fire, and similar talents have all been reworked so that they only drain your Vim when they directly take effect, preserving their functionality while removing the need to manually toggle them off and on to conserve your limited reserves of Vim!

Enhanced demon seed management: Demon seeds are now automatically replaced when you acquire a new seed of the same type but greater level, and cleaning all the outdated seeds from your inventory is as quick and easy as pushing a button! Seed descriptions are now more verbose, giving a short explanation of what equipped talents actually do!

Rebalanced and redesigned talents: Every single one of Demonologist's unique trees and talents has been given a revamp to improve midfight utility, reduce tedious prebuffing, streamline awkward mechanics, focus their damage output, and provide more sensible scaling that rewards investment in specific aspects of the class! Poor talents have been buffed, broken talents fixed, and centralisation has been moved away from just a few extremely strong skills to a wide array of potential build options, all while preserving the class's core ethos as a spellslinging melee fighter that refuses to die no matter how much punishment it takes!

Massively redesigned demon seeds: Ring seed effects are much more diverse, and all other seeds have been rebalanced as well, with improved or all-new effects on the vast majority of seeds. Demon seed talents have been given the same balance and design pass as those of the core class, giving enhanced functionality while maintaining the same wild variety of diabolical techniques to respin the class's basic gameplay!

And many more! A (mostly) comprehensive list of changes from basegame can be perused in basegame_changes.txt within the .team file.

Truth has many facets, adventurer. Those who walk in darkness can see the light all the more starkly.

Genuine Veteran

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A Combat Veteran tree rework, because the base tree isn't very attractive. Full details in the forum thread.

Quick Recovery: Quick Recovery and Fast Metabolism merged. Lifegain scales with CON.
Warrior's Determination: If more than one enemy is visible, take reduced damage, improving as you see more enemies.
Spell Shield: Spell save unchanged. 4-15% Arcane/Fire/Cold/Lightning resist added. When you save against a magical effect, daze the caster for 1-3 turns.
Unending Frenzy: Once a turn when you hit an enemy in melee you gain a 3 turn 0.7%-2.5% combat speed bonus which stacks up to 10 times. Kills restore life/stamina, lifegain scales with CON and occurs once per turn.

This version has seen a complete playthrough main AoA campaign on insane roguelike without major issues, however it's still being tested and subject to change.

This addon overloads the combat techniques tree, and is therefore incompatible with any addon or future versions which change that file.

0.9.5: Tooltips clarified, small numerical adjustments.

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