Genuine Veteran

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A Combat Veteran tree rework, because the base tree isn't very attractive. Full details in the forum thread.

Quick Recovery: Quick Recovery and Fast Metabolism merged. Lifegain scales with CON.
Warrior's Determination: If more than one enemy is visible, take reduced damage, improving as you see more enemies.
Spell Shield: Spell save unchanged. 4-15% Arcane/Fire/Cold/Lightning resist added. When you save against a magical effect, daze the caster for 1-3 turns.
Unending Frenzy: Once a turn when you hit an enemy in melee you gain a 3 turn 0.7%-2.5% combat speed bonus which stacks up to 10 times. Kills restore life/stamina, lifegain scales with CON and occurs once per turn.

This version has seen a complete playthrough main AoA campaign on insane roguelike without major issues, however it's still being tested and subject to change.

This addon overloads the combat techniques tree, and is therefore incompatible with any addon or future versions which change that file.

0.9.5: Tooltips clarified, small numerical adjustments.

Reworked Higher Racials

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Reworks the Higher racial tree.

Gift of the Highborn: For the next 10 turns, heal whenever you use a talent, based on its cost.

Overseer of Nations: Unchanged, except for removing the Sight Radius increase. Tended to make playing just more awkward in regards to autoexplore and range 10 talents.

Born into Magic: Passively convert some of your Willpower into Magic. At higher Talent Levels, increase the effect of Magic on your spellsave.

Highborn's Bloom: Gain increased Max Life, Heal Mod %, and Life Regen. Greatly scales with Willpower.

Stealth Rework

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Changes how enemies react to stealth.
See the options under gameplay for tweaking.

Shield Defense rework test

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Reworks the Shield Defence tree for Bulwarks.

Luminosity Celestial rework

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This addon joins Negative and Positive energy bars into one, called Luminosity. For details, see .

Mana Surgery

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This addon attempts to reimagine Spell/Arcane tree to make it "click" together a bit better.
It also changes the mechanics of Aether Permeation prodigy to slightly more powerful and more obvious one.

Call of The Divine

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This addon revamps the Divination tree to make its ease of use match its usefulness.
The tree is now much more focused on Arcane Eyes, providing defense and utility based on them.
Additionally, it modifies Vision runes and Sun infusions.

StarKeep's Bone Tree Rework

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Reworks the Bone Tree for Defilers.

Weird Wyrmic

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My own take at wyrmics.

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