Shorter Dungeons Redux

Shorter Dungeons Redux

Reworks the depth, size, EXP, enemies, and drop rates of mid/lategame dungeons. Original inspired by Pigslayer.
Do note that this may have limited compatibility with other addons that change map data, EXP, and enemy rates.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Possible Sandworm Lair Bug

Seems to cause floors beyond the first for Alt Sandworm Lair (Normal Sandworm Lair is fine) to spawn with a map that is just a small room without any sandworms to dig tunnels. Disabling the addon before map creation fixed this issue for me the one time I've had it, so I am fairly certain it is caused by this addon.

Also, manually going back a floor from the last floor of some of the shortened dungeon tends to generate removed floors. From Slime Tunnels to Grushnak Pride, for example.

Thank you so much for creating this mod all the same. The prides in particular were starting to grate on me...

Great mod! Save me tons of

Great mod! Save me tons of time without reducing my enjoyment.