Shorter East

Short Name: 

Based on "Shorter Dungeons Redux", this simply removes 1 floor from Rak'shor and Grushnak prides, 2 floors from Gorbat and Vor, and 5 floors from Highpeak, without changing the exp gains or anything else.

Shorter Dungeons Redux

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Reworks the depth, size, EXP, enemies, and drop rates of mid/lategame dungeons. Original inspired by Pigslayer.
Do note that this may have limited compatibility with other addons that change map data, EXP, and enemy rates.

Shorter ToME4 Dungeons REDUX

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Pre-release version. Shortens several dungeons. Original add made by Pigslayer.

Shorter ToME4 Dungeons

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This add-on significantly shortens all plot-related dungeons:

- Dreadfell is now 5 levels.
- Reknor is now 3 levels.
- Grushnak is now 3 levels.
- The other Prides are now 2 levels.
- Eruan is now 2 levels.
- High Peak is now 5 levels.

This will make the game harder, due to less experience and loot. The loot from these dungeons was improved to compensate (i.e. lower tier items no longer generate). Recommended only for experienced players looking for a challenge or a faster game.

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